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Omani journalists imprisoned

The Omani government has made a grave error of judgement in allowing its judicial system to close down a local newspaper, Azamn, and to enforce a…

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From Calligraphy to Calligraffiti: 50 artists in your living room

Signs of Our Times: From Calligraphy to Calligraffiti is a beautifully produced coffee table book which provides the reader with the opportunity to…

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Current Affairs


Turkish jets strike targets in northern Syria

Turkish jets carried out 26 air strikes on 18 Syrian Kurdish People’s Protection Unit (YPG), the military wing of the Democratic Union Party (PYD),…

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Iranian warships have been deployed to the Gulf of Yemen

Iranian warships deployed in the Gulf of Aden


Iran has deployed a fleet of warships to the Gulf of Aden, the republic’s naval commander has confirmed. The deployment follows US cruise…

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SYRIA: Fading hopes of an end to the stalemate

Russia is charging into its second year of armed intervention in the com­plex Syrian war battered by accusations of war crimes. It has saved the…

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Turkey: 11,000 teachers suspended for suspected PKK links

The Turkish government has suspended more than 11,000 teachers over suspected links to outlawed Kurdish fighters.

The move came as President…

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Regional round-up

epa04407823 Displaced Iraqis forced to flee their homes ahead of gains made by Islamic State (IS) militants in and around Mosul, shelter at the Bahrka Refugee camp, Erbil, northern Iraq, 19 September 2014. Following massive and swift gains made by IS fighters in Iraq tens of thousands of refugees fled to the mainly Kurdish northern Iraq prompting an international humanitarian response and US and now French airstrikes to assist both Iraqi and Kurdish forces who are attempting to retake areas under IS control.  EPA/MOHAMED MESSARA

IRAQI KURDISTAN: Tightening the screw

Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan – It can be hard to breathe in the Domiz refugee camp, 20km southeast of the city, with a mix of burning rubbish and raw…

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ISIL accused of genocide against Yazidis

The US State Department has accused ISIL of committing genocide against the Yazidi community when it retreated from several villages and cities it…

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Palestinian leadership: Hanging in the Balance

Palestine has slipped low on the official Arab agenda since the Arab Spring of 2011 and the events it unleashed. True, headlines in the region were…

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Planète terre végétale


Egypt, Jordan, Morocco and Tunisia will be among a group of countries to benefit from a  Green Climate Fund allocation of  $378 million to support…

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OMAN: tackling the economic downturn

By Pat Lancaster

Oman is not blessed with the same vast oil and gas resources of some of its neighbours but through a long term policy of “good…

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Modern Saudi Arabia money, banknotes close up background photo texture

Saudi Arabia: domestic bond sell-off gains pace

The Saudi Arabian government is raising up to SAR20bn ($5.3bn) from banks in this month’s sale of domestic bonds, financial website Maaal…

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News and Views


Britain’s Arab Spring – how will it impact on the ME region?

Described in some quarters as the British Arab Spring, the vote for for the UK to leave the European Union, Brexit as it is commonly known, has been…

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military in nice

EXCLUSIVE TO THE MIDDLE EAST ONLINE . . . NICE: A toxic Islamophobic cocktail

Rhona Wells reports from the Côte d’Azur   


The Bastille day events in Nice have changed the region, not for the better and possibly…

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EGYPT: Economic crisis deepens

The Egyptian Central Bank’s failure to manage foreign currency reserves and the government’s in­ability to control inflation or offer innovative…

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JORDAN: Standing Strong


Jordan has survived some tough times in the last five years. It has stoically endured the stresses and strains of regional upheavals…

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President Hassan Rouhani

IRAN: Can Rouhani survive for a second term?

As the faction most opposed to the government, Iran’s hard-liners have made it their goal to make Hassan Rouhani the first Iranian president not to…

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Wagner’s Lohengrin plays the Royal Opera House Muscat

By Rosemary Hector

The work of the great Romantic German composer, poet, librettist, conductor and theatre director, Richard Wagner , a giant in…

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Book review – Letters to a young Muslim

Letters to a young Muslim
By Omar Saif Ghobash
Published by Picador
ISBN 9781509842599
Price £14.99 Hardback

In a series of personal letters…

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EGYPT: embarking upon a new era of silver screen success?

In the 1950s, ’60s and ’70s, the literary works of leading Egyptian authors brought glory to the big screen when their novels were made into films.…

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