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Dear Mister President

In an open letter to the US President, a leading Palestinian calls for the US to step up peace efforts after the Israeli re-election of Benjamin…

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Current Affairs


Kuwait donors come through – but with a shortfall

International donors meeting in Kuwait City have pledged $3.8bn to help alleviate war-torn Syria’s humanitarian crisis, which Kuwait’s emir warned…

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Iran hits out at GCC action on Yemen

Saudi air strikes on Shia rebels in Yemen have triggered a furious reaction from regional rival Iran, with top officials warning that military action…

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Exclusive to The Middle East Online . . .   Holding the line


Gulf Arabs bolster forces as US exits

By Ed Blanche


As the Middle East is convulsed by unparalleled upheaval, and faces…

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Exclusive to The Middle East Online . . . ALGERIA: A brewing crisis

By Ed Blanche

Algeria’s most infamous and politically explosive corruption scandal went to trial in Algiers on 15 March, five years after it…

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Regional round-up


Yemen: GCC presents a united front

Iran has got to stop its adventurist policy in the region or be ready to face the consequences. This is the message the coalition of nine Arab…

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Israel & the two-state solution: Is the writing on the wall?

In his speech on 24 June 2002 launching the “Roadmap for Peace” US President George W. Bush called for an independent Palestinian state living side…

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IRAN NUCLEAR: Progress or more smoke & mirrors?

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani (right), says that progress made in nuclear talks means a final deal can be reached. “There is nothing that cannot be…

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Kingdom Centre2

Saudi Arabia’s stock market streamlining

The long wait is over … almost. Reports indicate that by April eligible foreign institutional investors will be allowed to start trading directly…

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Gaza Marine – cui bono?

In a perplexing about-face, there has been a revival of efforts to permit the exploration of Gaza Marine, the gas reserves located off the coast of…

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Exclusive to The Middle East Online . . .

Libyans beware:  The Trojan horses are on their way!

“Do not trust the horse, Trojans! Whatever it is, I fear the Greeks even when they bring…

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News and Views

Workers put the final touches during the restoration of the Great Synagogue in Edirne

Restoration of the Great Synagogue of Edirne complete

The opening of the Great Synagogue of Edirne (right), has been celebrated by foreign dignitaries, Turkish government officials and members of the…

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Book review – Tapestries of the heart

Tapestries of the heart
by Nooshie Motaref
Published by Clinik Street publishing
ISBN 9781909477575
Price £ 8.99 paperback
This award-winning…

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the lebanese diaspora

Book review : The Literature of the Lebanese Diaspora

The Literature of the Lebanese Diaspora
by Jumana Bayeh
published by I B Tauris
ISBN 9781780769981
price £62.00 hardback

The Lebanese civil…

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EXCLUSIVE to The Middle East online… Saudi tourism market building on substantial growth potential

By Rhona Wells

With $11.6 billion worth of tourism projects currently underway in the country, the strength of Saudi Arabia’s tourist industry is…

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