House demolitions and forced evictions for Palestinians in Israel

By Kerry Hutchinson...

Libya: Reports of human rights abuse

In this months edition of

The Arab League: Could this be its finest hour ?

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Palestine: Building bridges to the future

Whatever the state of 'peace talks' to end the Israeli occupation and create an independent Palestinian…

The college at Ariel

A 30-year-old college in the illegal Israeli settlement of Ariel in the West Bank was recently…

Simmering tensions in Libya

As the international media focuses on the bloodbath in Syria and the continuing upheaval in neighbouring…

Ambiguity at Al Azhar

Eamonn Gearon reports.

Windmill restored In Jerusalem

The new cupola and blades of the Sir Moses Montefiore's windmill were lifted to the top…

Ready for take off ?

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Concerns over the Israeli military

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