Book review: I don’t want this poem to end

I don’t want this poem to end
By Mahmoud Darwish
Translated by Mohammad Shaheen
Introduced by Elias Khoury
Published by Interlink Publishing Group
ISBN 9781566560009
Price $ 20.00 paperback

This is the first English translation of new poetry by the late Mahmoud Darwish, a Palestinian contemporary poet. When Darwish died in 2008, his friends visited his home and retrieved poems and writings some of which are gathered together in this volume, translated into English for the first time. They include three collections from different phases in Darwish’s writing career, as well as reminiscences by friends drawn from his final years, and a moving account of the discovery of the new poems in this collection. This volume includes: How We Found the Poems by Elias Khoury, a friend of Darwish and a distinguished novelist My Friend Mahmoud, a biographical memoir by Professor Mohammad Shaheen, translator of Darwish’s poetry. The End of the Night, It’s a Song, and  three collections totalling about 80 poems. It also includes On Exile, a prose essay by Darwish and a letter from the poet to his brother, written in 1965 from an Israeli prison. 

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