Ready for take off ?

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Concerns over the Israeli military

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Piracy in the Arabian Peninsular update

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Women in all Arab teams at the London 2012 Olympics

Women were first allowed participation in the 1900 summer Olympics. That year, just six countries, France,…

The college at Ariel

A 30-year-old college in the illegal Israeli settlement of Ariel in the West Bank was recently…

Simmering tensions in Libya

As the international media focuses on the bloodbath in Syria and the continuing upheaval in neighbouring…

Ambiguity at Al Azhar

Eamonn Gearon reports.

Windmill restored In Jerusalem

The new cupola and blades of the Sir Moses Montefiore's windmill were lifted to the top…


The struggle is on to ensure the continuation of the Hashemite dynasty. King Abdullah II is…


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