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Pat Lancaster, Editor
Published since 1974, The Middle East is well established as the region's bestselling pan-Arab magazine in English. It provides an expert commentary on wide ranging issues in the Arab World. The editorial content profiles political and business leaders that are shaping the future of the Arab region.

It combines business coverage and regional analysis with current affairs, cultural and lifestyle features. Our unique editorial mix caters for those interested in the dynamics of the region from both a local and international perspective.

The Middle East magazine is distributed on newsstands, in premier hotels and airlines via established networks throughout the region and beyond.

The magazine is edited by British born Pat Lancaster who joined a Fleet Street news agency specialising in the Middle East in the late 1970s. She has worked for a Gulf government news agency, travelled extensively in the region conducting interviews for a selection of British and Arab daily newspapers and magazines and is the author of three books.

She was the deputy editor of Gulf States Newsletter before joining The Middle East magazine in the late 1980s, becoming editor in 1995. Her special areas of interest include the Gulf States, education as a tool for regional development throughout the Middle East region, and Arab women's issues.

The Middle East magazine is 100% produced by our award-winning editorial team and helps potential investors and local business leaders get under the skin of regional business and economic dynamics. The wealth of insight from our dedicated local and international correspondents ensures incisive commentary presenting and a balanced view of the Middle East to the world.

The audited circulation is 22,141 copies every month with additional distribution at key business events. The Middle East magazine engages top professionals, affluent executives and government officials. It is an invaluable resource for all who want to make sense of the region.

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