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From the BBC: A fascinating report on Arab women cartoonists

Female Arab cartoonists challenge authority
By Severine Dieudonne & Naomi Scherbel-Ball BBC News
In some Arab countries women still have to…

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Current Affairs


TURKEY: ISIL raids see hundreds detained

Turkish police have detained hundreds of suspected ISIL members in nationwide raids, according to state media, in the biggest roundup to target the…

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Demonstrations were staged in the Bahrain capital

BAHRAIN: Manama jailbreak frees “terrorists”

Gunmen in Bahrain have attacked a prison, killing a policeman and freeing inmates convicted of terror offences, officials say. A security lockdown…

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SYRIA: the muscle flexing continues . . .

There is one big difference between the Iranian and Russian interventions in the Syrian war to save the hide of their mutual ally, Syrian President…

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ISTANBUL: Nightclub bomber dressed as Santa

The armed man who killed at least 39 people in an attack on Turkish nightclub- goers was dressed as Father Christmas, witnesses have said.


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Regional round-up


UAE: Ferrari World breaks new barriers

The third new ride within 12 months puts guests through an endurance challenge, as they attempt to becomeFerrari Test Drivers

In its ongoing…

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GCC: concerted drive to beef up regional security

Saudi Arabia, forced out of decades of self-imposed insularity by the political convulsions of the Middle East, is finalising an agree­ment with the…

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TRUMP: Contemplating a costly & bloody error

Donald Trump’s pledge to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – should it go ahead – will lead to an escalation in violence between…

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EGYPT ENERGY: In need of reform and foreign investment

In this special report, Nehad Ismail, Senior Analyst at Wikistrat, examines the future of Egypt’s energy sector and finds much cause for optimism…

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The UAE's tax free status has made it a popular destination with professionals from around the world but could things be on the cusp of change?

UAE: banks warn of new tax law implications

UAE  banks are starting to warn their customers about new international tax compliance measures that will take effect in January as governments ramp…

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The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Agence Francaise de Dèveloppement (AFD) and the European Investment Bank (EIB) are…

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News and Views


Arab League faces cash flow crisis

The Arab League is in the midst of a financial crisis that is making it difficult for the 22-member organisa­tion to maintain humani­tarian…

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King Mohammed of Morocco

MOROCCO: rejoins the African Union

The African Union has, at last, agreed to readmit Morocco 33 years after it quit the bloc, following a difficult debate over the status of Western…

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Kuwaiti Prime Minister Jaber

KUWAIT’S welfare system “unsustainable”, says PM

Last year, a successful Kuwaiti businessman explained to Pat Lancaster how he believed government subsidies should and must be cut for the good of…

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SAUDI ARABIA: multi billion $ scheme will boost renewables

Saudi Arabia has plans to launch a new renewable energy programme, expected to involve investment of between $30bn and $50bn by 2023, within the next…

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LEBANON: An unlikely alliance that could avert conflict

The election of Michel Aoun (below right), as president of Lebanon and his ap­pointment of long-time rival Saad Hariri (below left), as prime…

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Firefighters tackle the blaze at Kuwait's new Opera House

Kuwait Opera House blaze


Just three months after opening, Kuwait’s new opera house has been devastated by fire. The futuristic $770 million venue, which formed…

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Book review – Desert kingdoms to global powers

Desert kingdoms to global powers
The rise of the Arab gulf
By Rory Miller
Published by Yale University Press, London
ISBN 9780300192346

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IRAQ: Return to the Marshes?

The morning of 20 January 1992 began much like any other for the Mohammed family in the marshlands of southern Iraq. Rising at first light, they…

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