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YEMEN: UN comment on escalating disaster

Escalating conflict over the past four weeks has worsened an already large-scale humanitarian crisis in Yemen. The upsurge in violence has further…

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Current Affairs


Political Islam is the real problem facing Muslims

Political Islam has tarnished Muslims and Islam to such an extent that the word “Muslim” is now synonymous with terrorism, misogyny and…

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Iran hits out at Saudi intervention in Yemen

Iran’s leader condemned the military intervention by its main regional rival Saudi Arabia in Yemen as genocide, sharply escalating Tehran’s…

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Exclusive to The Middle East Online . . .   Holding the line


Gulf Arabs bolster forces as US exits

By Ed Blanche


As the Middle East is convulsed by unparalleled upheaval, and faces…

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Exclusive to The Middle East Online . . . ALGERIA: A brewing crisis

By Ed Blanche

Algeria’s most infamous and politically explosive corruption scandal went to trial in Algiers on 15 March, five years after it…

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Regional round-up


GAZA: Rebuild or suffer the consequences warns former US President

Nearly seven months after the end of the latest war in Gaza, none of the underlying causes of the conflict have been addressed. In the meantime, the…

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IRAQ: Looking to the long term

As news came through of the re-capture of the Baiji oil refinery from ISIS, the campaign to drive ISIS from Iraq seems to be in the ascendency.…

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Yemen IDPs 8

YEMEN: United Nations appeals for $275 million aid package


The UN has launched an appeal for nearly $275 million of aid to help civilians caught up in Yemen’s worsening conflict. About 150,000…

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EBRD inaugurates first Resident Office in Morocco


The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has opened its first Resident Office in Morocco. The local office in Casablanca…

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Emirati and Arab men discuss the stock r

DUBAI: Oil prices impact upon financial market

The Dubai Financial Market, the UAE’s biggest stock exchange, said its first quarter profit slid 69 per cent as investor concerns over oil prices…

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IRAQ: Zain enters the mobile market fray

Zain Iraq, the country’s biggest mobile phone network operator by subscribers, has applied for a listing on Baghdad’s stock exchange, parent firm…

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News and Views

Part of a series of art works made from chicken bones set in glass by the late Turkish artist Fahrelnissa Zeid

Exclusive to The Middle East Online. . . SHARJAH BIENNIAL 2015

Words by Sylvia Smith
Photographs by Richard Duebel
As a group of Congolese “sapeurs” or sharp dressers makes their way through the crowded streets…

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ashgate book

Book review – Northern Europe and the making of the EU’s Mediterranean and Middle East policies

Northern Europe and the making of the EU’s Mediterranean and Middle East policies
Normative leaders or passive bystanders?
by Timo Behr and Teija…

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IRAN – PAKISTAN: No showdown, for now

Pakistan’s parliament has unanimously passed a resolution affirming the country’s neutrality in the Yemen conflict, rebuffing a Saudi Arabian…

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qatar souq_waqif_1

Exclusive to The Middle East online – Tourism adds $7.6 billion to Qatar’s economy

Qatar saw 2.8 million visitors enter the country in 2014, an 8.2% increase in numbers over the previous year, generating 61,000 jobs in the tourism…

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EXCLUSIVE to The Middle East online… Saudi tourism market building on substantial growth potential

By Rhona Wells

With $11.6 billion worth of tourism projects currently underway in the country, the strength of Saudi Arabia’s tourist industry is…

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