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SYRIA: US blames Russia for UN aid convoy attack

The targeting of a  UN aid convoy delivering food relief to a rebel-held area near Aleppo marked the end of the  week-old ceasefire brokered by…

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QABOOS: Peace prize material?

Later this year, Sultan Qaboos of Oman will celebrate 46 years in power, making him the longest reigning ruler in the Arab world. In addition to the…

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Current Affairs


LIBYA: chemical weapons finale

The final batch of chemical weapon materials from strife-torn Libya has arrived in Germany to be destroyed.
Libya destroyed its stockpiles of…

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Turkey: 11,000 teachers suspended for suspected PKK links

The Turkish government has suspended more than 11,000 teachers over suspected links to outlawed Kurdish fighters.

The move came as President…

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epa05343565 French President Francois Hollande (first row C), United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (first row C-L), French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault (first row C-R) and officials pose for a group photo prior to an international meeting in a bid to revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process in Paris, France, 03 June 2016. France is hosting talks on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that have received a chilly response from Washington, but diplomats say merely swinging the spotlight back onto the stalemate is a victory. Instead representatives of some 25 countries, as well as the United Nations, European Union and Arab League, will try and lay the ground for a fully-fledged peace conference to be held by the end of the year.  EPA/KAMIL ZIHNIOGLU / POOL MAXPPP OUT 
Dostawca: PAP/EPA.

PALESTINE: EU Ministers back on the bandwagon

The European Union’s Foreign Affairs Council, comprising the 28 foreign ministers of the EU’s member countries, has adopted a resolution backing…

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U.S. back peddles on arms sales to the Gulf

Kuwait recently signed a contract with the Eu­rofighter consortium for 28 advanced Typhoon strike jets worth $8.7 bil­lion as part of a major drive…

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Regional round-up


ISIL accused of genocide against Yazidis

The US State Department has accused ISIL of committing genocide against the Yazidi community when it retreated from several villages and cities it…

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Palestinian leadership: Hanging in the Balance

Palestine has slipped low on the official Arab agenda since the Arab Spring of 2011 and the events it unleashed. True, headlines in the region were…

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SYRIA: death by ‘unknown hand’ toll continues to rise

In late August, as Turk­ish forces massed to strike into northern Syria to seize the strate­gic town of Jarabulus to block a drive by Syrian Kurds…

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Modern Saudi Arabia money, banknotes close up background photo texture

Saudi Arabia: domestic bond sell-off gains pace

The Saudi Arabian government is raising up to SAR20bn ($5.3bn) from banks in this month’s sale of domestic bonds, financial website Maaal…

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green energy

Turkey’s Afken boosts renewables portfolio with international investment

Akfen Holding, a leading infrastructure group in Turkey, is set to increase its renewable energy portfolio to 1,000 MW with support from the European…

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QATAR: 3 years of budget deficits predicted

Qatar’s government expects to run a budget deficit for at least three years as low natural gas and oil prices weigh on its revenues, the Ministry…

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News and Views

military in nice

EXCLUSIVE TO THE MIDDLE EAST ONLINE . . . NICE: A toxic Islamophobic cocktail

Rhona Wells reports from the Côte d’Azur   


The Bastille day events in Nice have changed the region, not for the better and possibly…

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EGYPT: Economic crisis deepens

The Egyptian Central Bank’s failure to manage foreign currency reserves and the government’s in­ability to control inflation or offer innovative…

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JORDAN: Standing Strong


Jordan has survived some tough times in the last five years. It has stoically endured the stresses and strains of regional upheavals…

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President Hassan Rouhani

IRAN: Can Rouhani survive for a second term?



As the faction most opposed to the government, Iran’s hard-liners have made it their goal to make Hassan Rouhani the first…

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LIBYA: Leaked tapes suggest Western support for Haftar

A multinational military operation involving forces from the United States, France and Britain is coordinating air support for a Libyan general…

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Nahed Hattar

Jordanian writer’s murder: family accuse government

A prominent and controversial Jordanian writer, who was on trial for sharing a cartoon deemed offensive to Islam, has been shot dead outside the…

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mosaic video arts

Leighton in the Limelight

Mosaic Video Arts

Sylvia Smith: This year marks 120 years since the death of Frederick, Lord Leighton, perhaps best remembered for his…

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Book review – Native

By Sayed Kashua
Published by Saqi Books
ISBN 9780863561962
Price £12.99 paperback

Native gathers together for the first time a…

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