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EXCLUSIVE TO THE MIDDLE EAST Questions that need to be asked: Transformer or just another autocrat?

By Guest Columnist Mona Al Ghussein.
In a series of breath taking actions Mohammad bin Salman bin Abulaziz, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, has…

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Current Affairs


Trump pulls the plug on nuclear deal with Iran

US President Donald Trump says he will withdraw the US from an Obama-era nuclear agreement with Iran. Calling it “decaying and rotten”, he said the…

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Washington Post reveals new evidence in Qatari hostage affair

A fascinating account by Washington Times reporter Joby Warrick, featured in the paper today (28.04.18), appears to cast new light over ongoing…

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Trump demands Gulf reconciliation ASAP

In a recent telephone call with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, President Donald Trump is believed to have demanded that the kingdom and its Arab…

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EGYPT: Which way will the wind blow in Sisi’s new realm?

The re-election of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as Egypt’s president raised fears about the future of partisan politics in the country. Criticisms linger…

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Regional round-up


IRAN: Currency tumbles as ‘nuclear deal’ become increasingly wobbly


Iran is experiencing a financial crisis as its currency, the rial, has dropped to unprecedented levels over in recent months.

Over the…

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The squabbles of sheikhs threaten the peace of future generations in the Horn of Africa

Gulf debacle threatens stability of Horn of Africa

The political crisis between some countries in the Gulf has had an unexpected consequence – a rush to build ports all down the Somali coast and some…

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Amid difficult economic circumstances and a job market where male workers dramatically outnumber females, Egyptian women are taking new steps in the…

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Dubai Metro transports thousands of the city's workforce to and from their jobs daily but how many Emiratis want to join their ranks?

UAE: FNC demands more jobs for nationals

Members of the UAE’s Federal National Council (FNC) will press the government to expand its Emiratisation drive, after the recent announcement of…

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EBRD: Helping Egypt Go Green


Supporting the modernisation of Egypt’s oil industry, the EBRD will provide  $200 million for major investments in energy efficiency and…

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Saudi slump threatens pace of reform

A slump in Saudi Arabia’s economy could cast a shadow over ambitious plans for reform top officials and businessmen were warned at a recent meeting…

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News and Views

uae nuclear

UAE’s nuclear start up delayed

The start-up of the Arab world’s first nuclear reactor – in the UAE – has been delayed and operations are now scheduled to begin between the…

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TURKEY: Erdoğan faces trial by Twitter

The Turkish president, Reccep Tayyip Erdoğan, has vowed to step down if his people decide they have had “enough”, prompting opponents to propel…

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Hezbollah declares ‘victory’ in Lebanon elections

Hezbollah and its political allies are the biggest winners in Lebanon’s first general election in nine years, an analysis of the preliminary results…

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Qatar 2020: Typhoon fighter jets on call

Typhoon fighter jets purchased from Britain last year by Qatar will be delivered in time to help provide security for the 2022 World Cup, the UK’s…

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Further penalties look certain for Kuwait's largely unappreciated foreign workforce

KUWAIT: Turning the screw on foreign workers?

A parliamentary committee in Kuwait has approved a draft law to tax foreign remittances despite warnings from the country’s central bank.


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Book review : A Jerusalem Anthology

A Jerusalem Anthology
Travel writing though Centuries
Edited by T.J G0rton and Andree Feghali Gorton
Published by AUC
ISBN 9789774188420

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Lebanon’s Labaki makes history at Cannes 2018

Lebanon’s Nadine Labaki made history at this year’s  world famous Cannes Film Festival by becoming the first female Arab filmmaker to win a major…

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Art Dubai edit thumbnail


By Sylvia Smith

M is a fictional character the James Bond films and books. As head of the Secret Intelligence Service, Ian…

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