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Ramdan with text

Ramadan 2018

The holy month of Ramadan looks likely to begin on 17 May this year, with the first day of Eid Al Fitr likely to fall on 15 June…

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Tunisia: New vote of confidence in economic future

EBRD President Suma Chakrabarti has commended Tunisia for its successful political transition and the resilience of its democracy in the face of the…

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Current Affairs


GCC Railway: UAE holds out new hope

After years of procrastinating, the UAE’s  infrastructure minister has announced he expects the delayed rail project connecting nations across the…

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erbil airport

Kurdish airport debacle close to resolution

Baghdad and Erbil will soon announce final agreement over control of airports and borders, which, as expected, will revert to the central…

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bbc logo

BBC approaches UN to stop the bullying of its’ Iranian staff

The BBC is making an unprecedented appeal to the UN to stop Iran from harassing its Persian service staff in London and their families in Iran. The…

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Oman's Sultan Qaboos is the longest ruling monarch in the Gulf region. His wisdom and statesmanship could help pour oil on troubled waters

Can Oman help pour oil on the troubled waters of the Gulf?

The Saudi interior minister has arrived in Oman on a two-day visit which is is expected to include discussions on the Yemen conflict, the Qatar…

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Regional round-up

Ala Younis

Plan for Feminist Greater Baghdad: London exhibition narrates overlooked stories

 The Plan for Feminist Greater Baghdad   exhibition focuses on female artists and architects who have contributed to the Iraqi capital city’s…

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U.S. freeze assets of five companies it accuses of aiding Iran missile programme

The US has imposed sanctions on five Iranian companies it says are contributing to the country’s ballistic missile programme. The sanctions freeze…

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Head of the

Egypt progressives push for reform

In the weeks before elections are expected to take place in Egypt, a  group of liberal and leftist  political parties and public figures have…

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shanghai exchange 2

EBRD loan boosts Egypt-China cooperation

The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) has thrown its weight behind Egypt in its efforts to attract much-needed foreign direct…

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The move is intended to encourage to seek out Omani workers rather than turning immediately to the expatriate workforce

Oman bans ex-pat workers from 10 economic sectors

In a bid to get more Omanis into the Labour Force Oman’s Ministry of Manpower has taken the unusual step of banning the recruitment of foreign…

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Apple & Amazon poised to enter Saudi market

Apple and Amazon are in licensing discussions with Riyadh on investing in Saudi Arabia, according to reports from Reuters quoted in the local media.…

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News and Views


Amr Moussa’s Regional Round-Up

As we enter a new year Amr Moussa (right),   a former Arab League Secretary General and former Foreign Minister of Egypt, shared some of this…

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Saudis welcome the return of the silver screen

Saudi Arabia have lifted a 35-year-old ban on cinemas, prompting celebrations from film fans, directors and movie chains eyeing the last untapped…

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hacker group anonymous_1458403426712_1059147_ver1.0

Looking back over my shoulder

With the Islamic State (ISIS) crushed on the battlefield and its caliphate broken up, security chiefs across the Middle East and much of the rest of…

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Iran: On closer examination of “the deal”

U.S. President Trump has issued a broadside to the Iranian regime, warning that Washington’s patience is running out. He has garnered some support…

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Turkish energy sector gets a boost

The EBRD has invested 100 million Turkish lira (€24 million) in an inflation–linked bond issued by Turkey’s largest utility group Enerjisa…

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Al Britannia

Book review : Al-Britannia, My Country

Al-Britannia,My Country
A journey through Muslim Britain
By James Fergusson
Published by Bantam Press
ISBN 9780593077375
Price £20.00…

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Farewll Shiraz

Book review: Farewell Shiraz

Farewell Shiraz
An Iranian memoir of revolution and exile
By Cyrus Kadivar
Published by AUC Press
ISBN 9789774168260
Price $39.95…

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images 2


Sylvia Smith
When Donald Trump recently announced that the opening of the new US embassy in the UK was not a good enough reason for him to travel to…

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