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Sheikh Zayed Mosque, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ramadan 2018

The holy month of Ramadan looks likely to begin on 17 May this year, with the first day of Eid Al Fitr likely to fall on 15 June…

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EXCLUSIVE TO THE MIDDLE EAST Questions that need to be asked: Transformer or just another autocrat?

By Guest Columnist Mona Al Ghussein.
In a series of breath taking actions Mohammad bin Salman bin Abulaziz, the Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, has…

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Current Affairs


Trump demands Gulf reconciliation ASAP

In a recent telephone call with Saudi Arabia’s King Salman, President Donald Trump is believed to have demanded that the kingdom and its Arab…

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EGYPT: Which way will the wind blow in Sisi’s new realm?

The re-election of Abdel Fattah al-Sisi as Egypt’s president raised fears about the future of partisan politics in the country. Criticisms linger…

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GCC Railway: UAE holds out new hope

After years of procrastinating, the UAE’s  infrastructure minister has announced he expects the delayed rail project connecting nations across the…

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erbil airport

Kurdish airport debacle close to resolution

Baghdad and Erbil will soon announce final agreement over control of airports and borders, which, as expected, will revert to the central…

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Regional round-up


IRAN: Currency tumbles as ‘nuclear deal’ become increasingly wobbly


Iran is experiencing a financial crisis as its currency, the rial, has dropped to unprecedented levels over in recent months.

Over the…

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The squabbles of sheikhs threaten the peace of future generations in the Horn of Africa

Gulf debacle threatens stability of Horn of Africa

The political crisis between some countries in the Gulf has had an unexpected consequence – a rush to build ports all down the Somali coast and some…

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Amid difficult economic circumstances and a job market where male workers dramatically outnumber females, Egyptian women are taking new steps in the…

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EBRD's initiative is a step in the right direction

EBRD launches its’ promised Palestine initiative

Delivering on its commitment to boost Palestinian businesses, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, EBRD, signed its inaugural…

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The move is intended to encourage to seek out Omani workers rather than turning immediately to the expatriate workforce

Oman bans ex-pat workers from 10 economic sectors

In a bid to get more Omanis into the Labour Force Oman’s Ministry of Manpower has taken the unusual step of banning the recruitment of foreign…

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Apple & Amazon poised to enter Saudi market

Apple and Amazon are in licensing discussions with Riyadh on investing in Saudi Arabia, according to reports from Reuters quoted in the local media.…

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News and Views


Qatar 2020: Typhoon fighter jets on call

Typhoon fighter jets purchased from Britain last year by Qatar will be delivered in time to help provide security for the 2022 World Cup, the UK’s…

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Further penalties look certain for Kuwait's largely unappreciated foreign workforce

KUWAIT: Turning the screw on foreign workers?

A parliamentary committee in Kuwait has approved a draft law to tax foreign remittances despite warnings from the country’s central bank.


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Amr Moussa’s Regional Round-Up

Amr Moussa (right),   a former Arab League Secretary General and former Foreign Minister of Egypt, shared some of this thoughts with Asharq Al…

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Saudis welcome the return of the silver screen

Saudi Arabia have lifted a 35-year-old ban on cinemas, prompting celebrations from film fans, directors and movie chains eyeing the last untapped…

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hacker group anonymous_1458403426712_1059147_ver1.0

Looking back over my shoulder

With the Islamic State (ISIS) crushed on the battlefield and its caliphate broken up, security chiefs across the Middle East and much of the rest of…

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Book review : Hadhramaut and its Diaspora

Hadhramaut and its Diaspora
Yemeni politics, Identity and Migration
Edited by Noel Brehony
Published by I B Tauris
ISBN 9781784538682

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The Skirt A tribute to women in the line of defence against fear and terror

SHEROES: Arab artists make their voices heard at London exhibition

Three Arab artists participated in the Sheroes Exhibition held in East London last month, which aimed to give a voice to under represented female…

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9W1A0838 Thumbnail

The World of the Fatimids

Sylvia Smith

The Aga Khan Museum in Toronto is North America’s only museum solely dedicated to showcasing Islamic art and culture. A new…

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