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PALESTINE: EU Ministers back on the bandwagon

epa05343565 French President Francois Hollande (first row C), United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon (first row C-L), French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault (first row C-R) and officials pose for a group photo prior to an international meeting in a bid to revive the Israeli-Palestinian peace process in Paris, France, 03 June 2016. France is hosting talks on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that have received a chilly response from Washington, but diplomats say merely swinging the spotlight back onto the stalemate is a victory. Instead representatives of some 25 countries, as well as the United Nations, European Union and Arab League, will try and lay the ground for a fully-fledged peace conference to be held by the end of the year.  EPA/KAMIL ZIHNIOGLU / POOL MAXPPP OUT 
Dostawca: PAP/EPA.

The European Union’s Foreign Affairs Council, comprising the 28 foreign ministers of the EU’s member countries, has adopted a resolution backing the French peace initiative and calling for an international peace conference to restart Israeli-Palestinian peace talks before the end … Continue reading

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U.S. back peddles on arms sales to the Gulf


Kuwait recently signed a contract with the Eu­rofighter consortium for 28 advanced Typhoon strike jets worth $8.7 bil­lion as part of a major drive to up­grade the emirate’s air force, which for decades has almost exclusively used US-built aircraft. The … Continue reading

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Ankara conference cites skinflints & aid dodgers

Erdogan is angry that Turkey is being left to shoulder the lion's share of the financial burden

Pat Lancaster in Kuwait City The Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Sabah hit out at the “Conflicts and natural disasters that have left many people homeless and doubled the numbers of refugees around the world,” in his opening speech at the … Continue reading

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Islamic State infiltrates Somalia


Somalia has re-entered the international spotlight in recent weeks amidst growing alarm over a new, active Islamic State (IS) presence in East Africa. In an official statement circulated on social media, the group claimed responsibility for the detonation of a … Continue reading

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Ditch America, save Aleppo


Nehad Ismail argues that – ‘Saudi Arabia and Turkey must ignore Obama and do the right thing in Syria The United States is apparently working on “specific initiatives” to reduce the violence in Syria and sees stopping the bloodshed in … Continue reading

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Sisi warns against “forces of evil” at play


Egypt’s President Abdul Fattah el-Sisi (left),has urged citizens to defend the state and its institutions from what he called the “forces of evil” ahead of planned demonstrations against his policies. In a televised speech, Sisi said there was a need … Continue reading

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Iran shows off its latest military hardware


Iran has displayed parts of its new Russian-made air defence system during its Army Day celebrations. Pictures released by the semi-official ISNA news agency showed S-300 missile tubes and radar equipment during a military parade in southern Tehran. Iran insists … Continue reading

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Assad: on his way out?


Yes, one can safely say that Syrian President Bashar Assad could unfortunately be winning the battle, but not necessarily the war. At best, he will continue for a little longer, but eventually he is on his way out. So far, … Continue reading

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Egypt to ban wearing of the veil in public places?


The government of Egypt has revealed that draft legislation  is already in place which would  ban women from wearing the niqab veil in public, according to local reports The country’s parliament is considering a ban that will will apply to … Continue reading

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Amnesty hits out at strategic attacks on Syrian hospitals 


Russian and Syrian government forces appear to have deliberately and systematically targeted hospitals and other medical facilities over the last three months to pave the way for ground forces to advance on northern Aleppo, an examination of airstrikes by Amnesty … Continue reading

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