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Sisi warns against “forces of evil” at play


Egypt’s President Abdul Fattah el-Sisi (left),has urged citizens to defend the state and its institutions from what he called the “forces of evil” ahead of planned demonstrations against his policies. In a televised speech, Sisi said there was a need … Continue reading

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Iran shows off its latest military hardware


Iran has displayed parts of its new Russian-made air defence system during its Army Day celebrations. Pictures released by the semi-official ISNA news agency showed S-300 missile tubes and radar equipment during a military parade in southern Tehran. Iran insists … Continue reading

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Assad: on his way out?


Yes, one can safely say that Syrian President Bashar Assad could unfortunately be winning the battle, but not necessarily the war. At best, he will continue for a little longer, but eventually he is on his way out. So far, … Continue reading

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Egypt to ban wearing of the veil in public places?


The government of Egypt has revealed that draft legislation  is already in place which would  ban women from wearing the niqab veil in public, according to local reports The country’s parliament is considering a ban that will will apply to … Continue reading

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Amnesty hits out at strategic attacks on Syrian hospitals 


Russian and Syrian government forces appear to have deliberately and systematically targeted hospitals and other medical facilities over the last three months to pave the way for ground forces to advance on northern Aleppo, an examination of airstrikes by Amnesty … Continue reading

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IMF’s Lagarde advises Gulf states to cut spending and impose taxes


GCC IMPOSE TAXES Continue reading

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Increasing numbers of Syrians seek sanctuary at Turkish border


  Tens of thousands of Syrians fleeing a Russian-backed government advance on Aleppo have remained stranded near the Turkish border over the last few days, with no sign that the authorities in Ankara will respond to mounting international pressure to … Continue reading

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Algerian reform package meets with mixed reception

Abdelaziz Bouteflika

Algeria’s parliament have adopted a package of constitutional reforms  that authorities say will strengthen democracy. However, opponents of the bill doubt it will bring about real change. The reforms are meant to address longstanding public grievances in the North African … Continue reading

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Yemen: “a forgotten crisis”, say U.N.


Some 14.4 million Yemenis, more than half of the population of Yemen, are food insecure, an increase of 12 per cent in just the last eight months, as ongoing conflict and import restrictions reduce availability and send prices soaring, the … Continue reading

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The beginning of the end of the ‘Caliphate’?


Two months into the most sustained air campaign against Islamic State oil production in Syria and Iraq, US officials say air strikes have inflicted heavy blows on an industry which had netted the self-proclaimed caliphate more than $1 million a … Continue reading

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