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UAE urges Arab nations to enter space race

uae space

The Middle East and North Africa region is catching up with the global race to space, thanks to the leadership of the UAE. As the recent Global Aerospace Summit concluded in Abu Dhabi, the region geared up to establish an … Continue reading

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IRAN: Currency tumbles as ‘nuclear deal’ become increasingly wobbly


  Iran is experiencing a financial crisis as its currency, the rial, has dropped to unprecedented levels over in recent months. Over the last two weeks, the currency’s value against the US dollar dropped by 10,000 rials, with the currency … Continue reading

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Gulf debacle threatens stability of Horn of Africa

The squabbles of sheikhs threaten the peace of future generations in the Horn of Africa

The political crisis between some countries in the Gulf has had an unexpected consequence – a rush to build ports all down the Somali coast and some fear it could tear the Horn of Africa apart. After nearly 30 years of … Continue reading

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Amid difficult economic circumstances and a job market where male workers dramatically outnumber females, Egyptian women are taking new steps in the technology sector, an area previously dominated by men. Motoon, which helps develop networks in the technology sector, partnered with … Continue reading

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U.S. freeze assets of five companies it accuses of aiding Iran missile programme


US slaps sanctions on Iran Continue reading

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Egypt progressives push for reform

Head of the

Egyptian progressives press for reform Continue reading

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Iran: anti-government protests spread

Returned to power. President Rouhani wins another term of office

Iranian protests spread across the country Continue reading

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Jordan gets Small business boost


The EBRD is partnering with Jordan Commercial Bank (JCB) to support the development of small businesses in Jordan with a US$ 10 million financing package. A US$ 10 million credit line will be used for on-lending to local micro, small and … Continue reading

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Mending fences and building bridges

President Putin (left) is welcomed to Egypt by Egypt's Sisi

On Dec. 11, Russian President Vladimir Putin completed a diplomatic sprint, touring Syria, Egypt and Turkey in just one day. While the latter two visits were announced by the Kremlin beforehand, his detour to the Russian air base in Syria’s Khmeimim was … Continue reading

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Qatar strikes $8 billion jet deal with the UK


Qatar will buy 24 Typhoon fighter jets worth $8bn from the United Kingdom as the Gulf state continues to stock up on high-tech weaponry, according to reports from Al Jazeera. The deal, which represents the  biggest order for Typhoon fighters … Continue reading

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