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There will be no peace until Israel’s occupation of Palestine ends.


 Op-ed by Marwan Barghouti, originally published by The Guardian  The current escalation in violence did not start with thekilling of two Israeli settlers, it started a long while ago and has been going on for years. Every day Palestinians are … Continue reading

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Egypt-Tunisia links improve but no imminent agreement on Libya expected

Tunisia President (left and egypt

The Libyan crisis cast its shadows over Tunisian President Beji Caid Essebsi’s recent visit to Egypt to meet with President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi. The leaders have different approaches to Libya, and Essebsi’s October visit ended without any agreement on how … Continue reading

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Regional nuclear ambitions become reality


  While the world’s attention has focused on Iran’s nuclear ambitions, other players in the Middle East have been laying their own plans to develop nuclear power to meet future energy needs. Saudi Arabia, the most ambitious of the group, … Continue reading

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Is Gaza approaching its sad, sorry end?

The simple fact: Gaza is surrounded on all sides, even the sea is patrolled by those determined no Palestinian will enjoy freedom of movement

This month marks 10 years since Israel withdrew its last troops and settlers from the Gaza Strip. It has spawned a narrative as deceitful and destructive as that of Israel’s “generous” offer at Camp David in 2000. The so-called disengagement … Continue reading

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Qatari troops deployed to Yemen


Around 1,000 soldiers from Qatar’s Armed Forces have been deployed to Yemen, as part of the Arab coalition’s fight against Houthi rebels. An Al Jazeera journalist, reporting from the Saudi-Yemen border, said the troops were backed by more than 200 … Continue reading

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The changing dynamics of Mideast politics


Saudi Arabia and the UAE are no longer dependent on other regional powers or super powers to protect their interests. Iran may have secured the deal of the century in Vienna last month with the P5+1 (United States, Britain, France, Russia, … Continue reading

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Egypt: still supported by the West

Demonstrations of one kind or another became commonplace following the fall of the Mubarak regime

After a long period of upheaval, Egyptians are still striving to return to some sort of normality. Opinions on whether President Abdel Fattah El Sisi is the man to bring  about significant change are, predictably, divided. Here, Nehad Ismail gives … Continue reading

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IS militants behead leading authority on ancient Syria


Isis militants have tortured and executed the antiquities chief of the ancient city of Palmyra, according to Syrian officials and activists. A graphic image posted online by Isis-affiliated social media accounts purported to show the decapitated body of 82-year-old Khaled Asaad, … Continue reading

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Nothing stays the same

The region is in disarray and the effects will likely be felt for several decades

    If the United States, supported by the permanent members of the Security Council and Germany, has been able — practically after a boycott lasting more than three decades — to normalise relations with Iran after signing a treaty … Continue reading

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IRAN: will nuclear deal change policies?

zarif man of the moment?

Will the Iran nuclear deal make the Middle East a less safe place? Some advocates of the agreement say it will transform the Islamic Republic’s behaviour over time and make the country domestically more liberal, regionally more responsible and internationally more … Continue reading

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