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Iraq’s Sectarian Division


The Iraqi forces’ current offensive on ISIS in the city of Tikrit has been taking place without the help of US airstrikes as the US seemed uneasy about the increasingly sectarian nature behind the involvement of Iranian Shiite forces. It … Continue reading

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Afghanistan must not succumb to Islamabad, warns Karzai


Afghanistan’s historic struggles against British imperialism and Soviet invasion will have been in vain if the country succumbs to pressure from neighbouring Pakistan, Hamid Karzai has warned in an interview with the UK newspaper The Guardian. The former president of Afghanistan made … Continue reading

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Rafah crossing will reopen


Gaza’s border crossings will be reopened once control of them is handed over to the Palestinian Authority, Egypt’s Ambassador to the Palestinian Authority (PA) Wael Attia said. The Egyptian authorities closed the Rafah border crossing despite the formation of the … Continue reading

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Iraq moves against Islamic State in Tikrit


Iraq has launched a military operation to recapture Tikrit, the hometown of former leader Saddam Hussein, from Islamic State (IS) and its allies. A force of about 30,000 troops and militia were said to be attacking on different fronts, backed … Continue reading

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Yemen instability puts US counterterrorism efforts at risk — Pentagon


The United States has admitted that “there’s no question” its counterterrorism efforts in Yemen “have been affected” by the country’s political instability, following the takeover of the government by Houthi rebels last week. “Doing counterterrorism in a foreign country, it’s … Continue reading

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Exclusive to The Middle East Online . . . Oman prepares for change


One of the Middle East’s longest serving and best loved leaders is in failing health, leading to much speculation that, at the very least, Sultan Qaboos is preparing to relinquish some of his extensive responsibilities. By Ed Blanche As Saudi … Continue reading

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Kuwait cracks down on cyber activists


Kuwait authorities have detained several online activists for comments deemed offensive to Saudi Arabia’s late King Abdullah, activists said on Thursday. Secret police arrested online activist Mohammad Al Ajmi on Wednesday outside his home for “unknown reasons”, the National Committee … Continue reading

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Oman oil minister slams OPEC policy on prices, market share

oil minister

  Oman’s oil minister Mohammad bin Hamad Al Rumhy (above) sharply criticised OPEC’s production policy on 21/01/15, saying it was creating volatility in the market without benefiting oil producers and that his country was suffering. In November, OPEC decided to … Continue reading

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Sukuk market set to remain solid in 2015

Sukuk in AsiaandAfrica.storyimage

The global sukuk market is heading into another solid year in 2015, even though some emerging headwinds could slow its progress compared to 2014, said Standard & Poor’s in “For Sukuk Issuance, Emerging Headwinds May Cause Turbulence in 2015″ report … Continue reading

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Regional mergers and acquisitions soared in 2014 reports The Times of Oman


Thomson Reuters, the world’s leading source of intelligent information for businesses and professionals has confirmed that Middle Eastern Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A) touched $50.3 billion in 2014, an increase of 23% compared to 2013 of announced transactions in the region, the Middle … Continue reading

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