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Istanbul real estate on the red carpet in Cannes Rhona Wells reports from the South of France With 93 countries represented, MIPIM is the ultimate global meeting place for the world’s  real estate executives to come together with regional administrations … Continue reading

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Ahead of elections Israeli women demand peace


With Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu insisting that there is no Palestinian partner ready to create it, and his challenger, Isaac Herzog, choosing what he says very carefully, the word shalom, or peace, has been largely absent during the campaigning for … Continue reading

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Book review – Days of ignorance


Days of ignorance By Laila Aljohani;translated by Nancy Roberts Published by Bloomsbury Qatar Foundation ISBN 9789992195192 Price £9.99 Hardback Flinging wide a window onto the second holiest Islamic city – a city in which people observe daily prayers and preach … Continue reading

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Islamic State lies about looting


It would appear that some but not all of the footage of destruction of priceless works of art in Iraq has been faked. A propaganda video released by the Islamic State, or ISIS, purporting to show the systematic destruction of … Continue reading

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Book review – Beyond Syria’s borders


Beyond Syria’s borders By Emma Lundgren Jorum Published by I B Tauris ISBN 9781780767420 Price £ 62.00 hardback Lebanon, together with the province of Hatay in Turkey (containing Antakya) and the Golan Heights were all part of French mandate Syria, … Continue reading

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Emir of Qatar speaks out


In an op-ed in The New York Times, the Emir of Qatar Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad has written: The Middle East is experiencing perilous times. The ongoing violence in Syria and Iraq has now been joined by new crises in … Continue reading

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Egypt Increases Tax On Cigarettes By 50 Percent


In the midst of a surging wave of amendments undertaken by president Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi, sales taxes on cigarettes are facing their third increase in a year according to a national decree published in the country’s official gazette on Saturday. The … Continue reading

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Exclusive to The Middle East Online. . . Tackling the enemy within


By Pat Lancaster in Muscat The Middle East region is going through some of its worst times in contemporary history.  The Palestinians have suffered the effects of oppression under the Jewish state of Israel for more than six decades but … Continue reading

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Culture wars: tracking the destruction of Middle East monuments


Who cares about architectural heritage in Syria and Iraq when people are dying by the thousand? Well, more and more people care as it becomes understood that cultural genocide is inextricably linked to human genocide and ethnic cleansing. Attacks on … Continue reading

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Egyptian president says his regime is ready to protect Israel


In an interview with the Italian newspaper Corriere della Sera, Egypt’s President Sisi noted: “We are prepared to send military forces inside a Palestinian state. They would help the local police and reassure Israelis in their role as guarantors.” The … Continue reading

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