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JORDAN: Standing Strong


  Jordan has survived some tough times in the last five years. It has stoically endured the stresses and strains of regional upheavals and wars despite the opinion of a number of prominent commentators who warned that the country might … Continue reading

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IRAN: Can Rouhani survive for a second term?

President Hassan Rouhani

Can Rouhani survive? Continue reading

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LIBYA: Leaked tapes suggest Western support for Haftar


A multinational military operation involving forces from the United States, France and Britain is coordinating air support for a Libyan general battling rebel groups in the country’s east, according to air traffic recordings obtained by Middle East Eye (MEE). The … Continue reading

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Dying of thirst: Israelis launch their water weapon on Palestinians

While Palestinians live without water

 The Palestinian city of Salfit sits atop an underground wealth of water, but the city’s residents are forbidden from accessing it – and they are now in crisis, as Israel’s national water company, Mekorot, has reduced water supply to the … Continue reading

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Is Qatar getting fat on the backs of slaves?


  Qatar has ranked in the top five countries in the world for prevalence of modern day slavery, according to a new report. The Gulf country, with a slavery prevalence rate of 1.36 per cent, stood only behind North Korea … Continue reading

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U.S. launches Cyberwar on IS


The United States has de­clared cyberwar on the Is­lamic State (IS) in Syria and Iraq, the first known such attempt to cripple a military force in combat, ushering in a revolution in warfare that could transform the conflicts ripping the … Continue reading

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The destructive power of despair

The collective voice of Arab youth must be heard and heeded

As the war against the Is­lamic State (ISIS) inten­sifies, a survey of young Arabs, a major source of recruitment by the ji­hadists, and a trove of ISIS person­nel records, which analysts con­sider the “most significant” cache of its kind, has … Continue reading

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By sparing Israel, Abbas deepens Palestinian split


The PNA leader seemingly lacks the wisdom or even the desire to understand the priority of uniting his people 
during a time of hardship, and rapid loss of land and life. Palestinian National Authority President, Mahmoud Abbas, is playing a … Continue reading

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Iran armed forces will aid Yemen


Iranian Brigadier General Masoud Jazayeri has dropped a figurative bombshell regarding the conflict in Yemen. The deputy chief of staff of the armed forces said Tehran was willing to help Houthi rebels “in any way it can, and to any … Continue reading

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IRAQ: facing further catastrophe?


It is difficult to believe anything more catastrophic could befall Iraq with perhaps three million dead, between the strangulating 1990 onward embargo and the illegal 2003 invasion. Nearly five million displaced since 2003, destruction of the UNESCO Award winning education … Continue reading

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