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A is for Architecture


Sylvia Smith One of the world’s most prestigious architectural prizes is being presented in a late 19th century fort in the United Arab Emirates. But far from suggesting that Islamic architecture is a nostalgic journey into a fabled Arabian Nights … Continue reading

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Book review – The race for paradise


The Race for Paradise An Islamic History of the crusades By Paul M Cobb Published by Oxford University Press ISBN 9780198787990 Price £12.99 paperback In 1099, when the first Frankish invaders arrived before the walls of Jerusalem, they had carved … Continue reading

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Jordanian government blamed over Hattar murder

Nahed Hattar

Jordan writer murdered Continue reading

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Book review – The Poisoned Well


The Poisoned Well               Empire and its legacy in the Middle East by Roger Hardy Published by Hurst & Co ISBN 9781849046398 Price £20.00 hardback   Almost fifty years after Britain and France left … Continue reading

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Leighton in the Limelight

mosaic video arts

Mosaic Video Arts Sylvia Smith: This year marks 120 years since the death of Frederick, Lord Leighton, perhaps best remembered for his remarkable house in Kensington, near Holland Park. This personal, architectural tribute to Middle Eastern art and decorative crafts … Continue reading

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Book review – Native


Native By Sayed Kashua Published by Saqi Books ISBN 9780863561962 Price £12.99 paperback Native gathers together for the first time a selection of personal essays, first published by Haaretz between 2006 and 2014, exploring questions of identity, cultural divides and the … Continue reading

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Algerian refugee goes from rags to riches


Daniele Henkel decided she had to flee Algeria because she felt her children were no longer safe. “Islamists were starting to attack girls in the street,” she says. “I had to think about my daughters, so I decided to move … Continue reading

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Coming up for Air


Sylvia Smith The British Museum has a knack for displaying forgotten treasures, but its current, atmospheric exhibition, devoted to the underwater cities of Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus, goes one step further. The six-month show takes visitors on a semi-immersive journey to … Continue reading

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Is the art of Arab theatre dead?

Sharjah struggles to keep the art of theatre alive (above) but elsewhere in the Arab world is enough being done to nurture young talent?

  Celebrated film and television actors and popular theatre artists from across the Arab world have called for a strong theatre movement in the region, stressing on the importance of identifying and nurturing young and upcoming talent right from the … Continue reading

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Thumbnail Zillig

Fes Festival of World Sacred Music – Sylvia Smith Each year for more than two decades, the Imperial city of Fes has flaunted its unimpeachable spiritual connections in a festival that welcomes sacred musicians and dancers from around the globe. … Continue reading

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