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It’s Show Time


By Sylvia Smith. The Arab world seems to be popping up everywhere these days – from contemporary art exhibitions to music festivals and from poetry competitions to circus performances. In each case audiences in the West are lapping up the … Continue reading

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Book review: A State Built On Sand

A Sate built on sand

How Opium undermined Afghanistan By David Mansfield Published by Hurst & Co ISBN 9781849045681 Price £25.00 paperback Variations in opium poppy production in Afghanistan had long been associated with how the state was perceived at the time of the 2001 invasion. … Continue reading

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Long lost statue of Ramses II discovered in the Cairo mud


Archaeologists from Egypt and Germany have found an eight-metre (26ft) statue submerged in groundwater in a Cairo slum that they say probably depicts revered Pharaoh Ramses II, who ruled Egypt more than 3,000 years ago, according to reports from the Reuters … Continue reading

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Banksy’s new Bethlehem hotel offers the worst view in the world


The Walled Off hotel may sound utilitarian, even bleak. Its owner says it has “the worst view of any hotel in the world”, while its 10 rooms get just 25 minutes of direct sunlight a day. But, nestled against the controversial … Continue reading

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Kuwait Opera House blaze

Firefighters tackle the blaze at Kuwait's new Opera House

  Just three months after opening, Kuwait’s new opera house has been devastated by fire. The futuristic $770 million venue, which formed part of the  the waterfront Sheikh Jaber Al Ahmad Cultural Centre, was set to host the famous Andrew Lloyd … Continue reading

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Book review – Desert kingdoms to global powers


Desert kingdoms to global powers The rise of the Arab gulf By Rory Miller Published by Yale University Press, London ISBN 9780300192346 price £20.00 hardback A lively analysis of the Arab Gulf states’ stunning rise to global power over the last … Continue reading

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IRAQ: Return to the Marshes?


The morning of 20 January 1992 began much like any other for the Mohammed family in the marshlands of southern Iraq. Rising at first light, they roused their herd of buffaloes and drove the beasts snorting and protesting into the … Continue reading

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Book review – Syrian dust


Syrian dust Reporting from the heart of the war By Francesca Borri Published by Seven Stories ISBN 9781609806613 Price £12.99 paperback   From the middle of ravaged Aleppo, a freelance journalist describes the chaos of war, the uncertainty of freelance life and … Continue reading

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Book review – The dove’s necklace


The dove’s necklace By Raja Alem Published by Overlook Duckworth Translated by Katharine Halls and Adam Talib ISBN 9780715645864             Price £19.99 hardback The winner of the 2011 International Prize for Arabic Fiction, translated into … Continue reading

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Book review – The making of a Salafi Woman


The making of a Salafi Woman          Paths to conversion By Anabel Inge Published by Oxford University Press ISBN 9780190611675 Price £22.99 hardback                       The spread of Salafism―often … Continue reading

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