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Religious Tolerance and Cultural Dynamics in Oman


By Frédéric Jarry      In mid-June 2017, the Mus’haf Muscat, the electronic version of the Koran, was presented to Muslim scholars and specialists in Muscat, capital city of the Sultanate of Oman. This initiative, which included the numerically encoding … Continue reading

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Book review : Debriefing the president

Debriefing the president

Debriefing the president The interrogation of Saddam Hussein By John Nixon Published by Corgi Books ISBN 9780593077788 Price £8.99 paperback In December 2003, after one of the largest, most aggressive manhunts in history, US military forces captured Iraqi president Saddam Hussein … Continue reading

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UAE condemns escalation of illegal Israeli aggression against Palestinians of the Occupied Territories


By Pat Lancaster. The UAE has punched  a significant hole in the shameful wall of official silence surrounding Israeli expansionism.  At the UN in Geneva, its ambassador condemned the latest developments in Tel Aviv’s illegal settlement policy in the Occupied … Continue reading

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Huge new gas discovery in Egyptian waters


The discovery of a huge natural gas deposit in Egyptian waters has boosted hopes of other such finds in the Eastern Mediterranean that could help meet Europe’s energy needs, a senior official with the Italian oil and gas company ENI … Continue reading

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Sylvia Smith From the personal and private through specifically Saudi environmental questions to universal concerns of our globalised world, the previously easy-on-the-eye 21,39 is moving into the major debates of our time while maintaining artistic grace and critical distance. Enter … Continue reading

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TRUMP: Contemplating a costly & bloody error


Donald Trump’s pledge to move the US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem – should it go ahead – will lead to an escalation in violence between Israelis and Palestinians such the new president cannot imagine and the conflict is … Continue reading

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Ankara conference cites skinflints & aid dodgers

Erdogan is angry that Turkey is being left to shoulder the lion's share of the financial burden

Pat Lancaster in Kuwait City The Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Sabah hit out at the “Conflicts and natural disasters that have left many people homeless and doubled the numbers of refugees around the world,” in his opening speech at the … Continue reading

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UAE sponsored THEEB nominated for Academy Award


  The movie Theeb, by Jordanian director Naji Abu Nowar, has been nominated, along with four other projects from Denmark, Hungary, France, and Columbia for an Academy Award in the Best Foreign Language Film category, out of 82 films originally … Continue reading

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The beginning of the end of the ‘Caliphate’?


Two months into the most sustained air campaign against Islamic State oil production in Syria and Iraq, US officials say air strikes have inflicted heavy blows on an industry which had netted the self-proclaimed caliphate more than $1 million a … Continue reading

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Is Saudi Aramco worth 10 times more than Apple?


Saudi Aramco could be worth $10 trillion following listing; analysts estimate the company could now be worth more than 10 times Apple Inc’s peak of $756bn. State-owned Saudi Aramco said it was considering listing in capital markets on Friday, in … Continue reading

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