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The beginning of the end of the ‘Caliphate’?


Two months into the most sustained air campaign against Islamic State oil production in Syria and Iraq, US officials say air strikes have inflicted heavy blows on an industry which had netted the self-proclaimed caliphate more than $1 million a … Continue reading

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Is Saudi Aramco worth 10 times more than Apple?


Saudi Aramco could be worth $10 trillion following listing; analysts estimate the company could now be worth more than 10 times Apple Inc’s peak of $756bn. State-owned Saudi Aramco said it was considering listing in capital markets on Friday, in … Continue reading

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Still picking up the pieces . . .


The Middle East is still rocking from first world war pacts made 100 years ago. The agreements that shaped the region may be forgotten in the West, but in the Middle East their significance still looms large, writes Ian Black  In an … Continue reading

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U.K. joins the Syrian debacle


Britain has joined the war in Syria against the Islamic State (ISIS) terrorist group, which is already facing mounting domestic and international military pressure against territory and assets under its control. Britain began air strikes just a few hours after … Continue reading

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SYRIA: an economy based on war


Despite the involvement of several world powers, there is no imminent military solution in Syria. To bomb or not to bomb? This should not be the question but sadly it is. The British Government will push for parliamentary approval to … Continue reading

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Bahrain: reclaiming an ancient heritage


Bahrain is an archipelago and the word pearling sums up the industry on the second largest island, Muharraq, for more than five centuries. By Sylvia Smith with photographs by Richard Duebel From the fifth millennium BC until the 20th century … Continue reading

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YEMEN: Dengue fever appeal by U.N.

Dengue fever is spread by mosquitos and is often fatal

The United Nations World Health Organization (WHO) is appealing for a safe corridor to reach more than 3 million people in war-torn Yemen’s most populated governorate, Taiz, where “an extreme spike” in cases of dengue fever has been recorded over … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE TO THE MIDDLE EAST ONLINE . . . Art from around the Arab World

Abstract tapestry work by Lebanese artist Ethel Adnan

Words by Sylvia Smith, photography by Richard Duebel The world seems to be suddenly waking up to the importance of early Arab modern artists. From Saudi Arabia’s main annual art exhibition to the UAE’s pavilion at this year’s Venice biennale, … Continue reading

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TUNISIA: tough new laws on terror


In the wake of a spate of deadly terrorist attacks in Tunisia this year, the democratically-elected Tunisian Parliament has adopted a new anti-terror law aiming to counter any future threats from Islamist militants and extremists. The introduction of this law … Continue reading

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IRAN: will nuclear deal change policies?

zarif man of the moment?

Will the Iran nuclear deal make the Middle East a less safe place? Some advocates of the agreement say it will transform the Islamic Republic’s behaviour over time and make the country domestically more liberal, regionally more responsible and internationally more … Continue reading

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