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Exclusive to The Middle East Online. . . SHARJAH BIENNIAL 2015

Part of a series of art works made from chicken bones set in glass by the late Turkish artist Fahrelnissa Zeid

Words by Sylvia Smith Photographs by Richard Duebel As a group of Congolese “sapeurs” or sharp dressers makes their way through the crowded streets of Sharjah (below) accompanied by a local, traditional band, the art crowd who are attending the … Continue reading

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AFGHANISTAN: Will the shame of Farkhunda’s murder be a turning point?


Memorial services are being held for Farkhunda, the Afghan woman brutally killed by a mob in late March. The 27-year-old was beaten to death by a crowd of men near a Kabul shrine after being falsely accused of burning the … Continue reading

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IRAN – PAKISTAN: No showdown, for now


Pakistan’s parliament has unanimously passed a resolution affirming the country’s neutrality in the Yemen conflict, rebuffing a Saudi Arabian request for fighter jets, ground troops and warships to join the Saudi-led Operation Deci­sive Storm against Houthi rebels, who are aided … Continue reading

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IRAQ: Looking to the long term


As news came through of the re-capture of the Baiji oil refinery from ISIS, the campaign to drive ISIS from Iraq seems to be in the ascendency. During Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi’s recent trip to the US, he proclaimed that … Continue reading

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YEMEN: United Nations appeals for $275 aid package

The UN has launched an appeal for nearly $275 million of aid to help civilians caught up in Yemen’s worsening conflict. About 150,000 people have been displaced by fighting, according to the UN, with 12 million short of food. Meanwhile, al-Qaeda … Continue reading

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GNC appoints new Prime Minister in Western Libya


Khalifa al-Ghawi  has been appointed Prime Minister of the General National Congress (GNC), the ruling body in Western Libya, after his predecessor Omar al-Hassi was dismissed in late March. Amongst the reasons for al Hassi’s removal were allegations that he … Continue reading

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TURKEY: Erdogan and the desperate search for a role


Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s recent statements and itinerary are clearly posing more worrying questions than providing reassuring answers. One week he considers Iran’s role in the region as devious and warns us about Tehran’s policy “to dominate the region”, … Continue reading

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EXCLUSIVE to The Middle East online… Saudi tourism market building on substantial growth potential


By Rhona Wells With $11.6 billion worth of tourism projects currently underway in the country, the strength of Saudi Arabia’s tourist industry is set to go from strength-to-strength, as the country looks towards building on its existing domestic and religious … Continue reading

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Netanyahu backtracks on two-state election pledge


In conciliatory moves, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Thursday backtracked from a pre-election vow to oppose an independent Palestinian state and reached out to repair damaged relations with President Obama. “I don’t want a one-state solution. I want a … Continue reading

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8th MARCH 2015

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