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Book review : Debriefing the president

Debriefing the president

Debriefing the president The interrogation of Saddam Hussein By John Nixon Published by Corgi Books ISBN 9780593077788 Price £8.99 paperback In December 2003, after one of the largest, most aggressive manhunts in history, US military forces captured Iraqi president Saddam Hussein … Continue reading

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Book review:Destroying a nation

Destroying a nation

Destroying a nation        The civil war in Syria By Nikolaos Van dam Published by I.B.Tauris ISBN 9781784537975 Price £8.99 paperback Following the Arab Spring, Syria descended into civil and sectarian conflict. It has since become a fractured … Continue reading

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Turkish energy sector gets a boost


The EBRD has invested 100 million Turkish lira (€24 million) in an inflation–linked bond issued by Turkey’s largest utility group Enerjisa Enerji to support the operations of three electricity distribution companies after privatisation. The bond issuance has a total volume … Continue reading

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Will Rouhani backtrack on the long road to reform?

The people are angry at the government's failure to improve standards of living, with President Rouhani bearing the brunt of expressions of widespread discontent

Now Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, has formally endorsed Hassan Rouhani as president for a second term, following  a landslide election win on May 19, debate on the new Cabinet of Mr Rouhani  has taken a controversial turn, as Reformists … Continue reading

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GCC IMBROGLIO: Time to call for Qaboos?

Sultan Qaboos of Oman is the elder statesman of the GCC region. Perhaps his intervention might halt the damage this imbroglio is causing throughout the GCC region and beyond

In the latest unseemly episode in the GCC squabble, Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister called what he described as Qatar’s demand for an internationalisation of the Muslim haj pilgrimage, a declaration of war against the kingdom. Speaking on Saudi-owned Al Arabiya … Continue reading

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Saudi Arabia plans its entry into luxury tourism market

Millions of visitors annually flock to the Kingdom's holy sites such as Mecca

Saudi Arabia has launched a massive tourism development project that will turn 50 islands and other sites on the Red Sea into luxury resorts, the BBC has reported. The Kingdom hopes to attract both foreign tourists and domestic visitors as … Continue reading

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Oman uses Chinese funds to help balance the books


The government of Oman has raised $3.55bn through a loan from a group of Chinese financial institutions, the latest fundraising by the sultanate which has borrowed over $10bn this year to replenish coffers hit hard by lower oil prices, according … Continue reading

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First interactive electronic Koran launched in Muscat

Thanks to the support of Oman and the work of an innovative team from Amsterdam, the beauty of the Koran will be available throughout the world

  The first interactive electronic Koran has been unveiled in the Omani capital of Muscat. The device marks a global breakthrough for Muslims and non-Muslims alike, writes Pat Lancaster. Known as Muscat Electronic Mushaf, this e-book presents unique features coupled … Continue reading

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Religious Tolerance and Cultural Dynamics in Oman


By Frédéric Jarry      In mid-June 2017, the Mus’haf Muscat, the electronic version of the Koran, was presented to Muslim scholars and specialists in Muscat, capital city of the Sultanate of Oman. This initiative, which included the numerically encoding … Continue reading

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Iran’s EU visa “mafia” turns the screw


Iranians who wish to travel to European Union nations  face myriad challenges, in particular obtaining visas. Indeed, the state of political relations between Tehran and the EU states has made the visa application process difficult for citizens of Iran, writes Iranian … Continue reading

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