Published since 1974, The Middle East magazine soon became well established as the bestselling English language pan-Arab publication of its kind. Those 40+ years of editorial excellence are now freely available to visitors to our website. The Middle East Online provides expert commentary on wide ranging issues in the Arab World, garnered from our own team of expert analysts and other, acclaimed, international sources.

The editorial content covers current affairs, regional developments in the political and business arenas and highlights cultural traditions and shifts that impact on the people and ambitions of this fast changing, sometimes volatile but always fascinating, area of the world. In a series of on-going profile articles, we also focus on political and business leaders that are helping shape the future of the Arab region and, consequently, the rest of the World.

The Middle East Online combines regional political analysis, current affairs and business coverage with cultural and lifestyle features ranging from ground-breaking environmental discoveries to the latest must-see movie from an Arab director.

This unique editorial blend, first pioneered by The Middle East magazine back in the mid-1970s, continues to attract a diverse global readership with an interest in the dynamics of the region from local, regional  and international perspectives.

The Middle East is edited by British born Pat Lancaster. Lancaster joined a Fleet Street news agency specialising in the Middle East in the late 1970s. She has since worked and travelled extensively in the region conducting interviews with Royals, heads of government, policy makers, business magnates, millionaires, billionaires, painters and poets as well as the ordinary people on the street where, she insists, is where all the real stories begin and end. She has worked for a wide selection of British and Arab daily newspapers and magazines, as a broadcaster on a variety of international radio and television networks, and is the author of three books. Her special areas of interest include the Gulf States, education as a tool for regional development throughout the Middle East region, and Arab women’s issues.

After more than 40 years, The Middle East continues to help policy makers, business leaders and potential investors get under the skin of the regional dynamic. The wealth of insight from our dedicated local and international correspondents ensures incisive commentary presenting and a balanced view of the Middle East region to the world.

Frequently emulated but rarely equalled, The Middle East is an invaluable resource for all those who want to make sense of the region yesterday, today and tomorrow.