The bid to host Expo2020 meant a lot to Dubai as the Minister of State and Managing Director of the Bid Committee Reem Al Hashemi explained to The Middle East back in 2012. “We would love the opportunity to showcase Dubai to the world; we truly believe in the power of Expos to create a better world. The UAE has a deep insight into the benefits of shared experiences, knowledge and skills. We have over 200 nationalities living with us and we have no doubt that this has been one of the driving forces for our progress.”

Dubai saw off worthy contenders including Sao Paulo in Brazil, Izmir in Turkey and Ekaterinburg in Russia, to take the prize and, while the win is undoubtedly a feather in Dubai’s cap – in more than a century of world Expos, the event has never taken place in the Middle East region before – in addition to being an honour, Expo 2020 will bring with it significant financial benefits. The government of Dubai has announced that as much as §9bn will be spent on infrastructural projects between now and the opening of Expo 2020 and the first stir- rings of that six year long, multi billion dollar bonanza have already begun.

In this month’s edition of the magazine, Pat Lancaster reports from the UAE on this exciting development.

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