UAE allocates $408m to build ‘new generation’ of schools

The announcement was made by UAE Prime Minister and Vice President and Dubai’s ruler Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, during his visit on March 4 to the Higher Colleges of Technology in Fujairah.

“Today we approved a new generation of UAE schools, allocating $408m to build the first group of them. This includes laboratories for robotics, artificial intelligence, health and the environment, as well as specialised sports facilities,” the UAE leader said.

“We have also approved a $27m fund to nurture business-oriented minds and develop career paths for 65,000 students in the hospitality, retail, oil and gas and logistics sectors,” he added.

The new approach to these faculties is aimed at transforming colleges into economic zones, Sheikh Mohammed said.

“Our future generations need different thoughts and new tools for the future,” he added.

Explaining the move on Twitter, he said: “When people hesitate because of fluctuations in the economy, we hasten to change. When they are afraid of the future, we are pushing to build it.

“Our goal is to express a new thinking for the next 50 years. A different generation will ensure our developmental sustainability at twice the current speed.”

This edited article first appeared in Gulf News


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