BAHRAIN: foil “terrorist” plot


Bahraini authorities foiled a “terrorist” plot planned by a militant cell trained in Iraq, the interior ministry has announced.

The ministry said in a statement that investigations have led to the arrest of individuals suspected of carrying out “terrorist acts in the kingdom” under Saraya al-Ashtar, a blacklisted anti-government group.

The state-run Bahrain News Agency said those arrested confirmed they are members of the militant group.

Some of those arrested were “assigned to form a terrorist group targeting policemen,” BNA added.

Saraya al-Ashtar was formed in late 2012 by two individuals – Ahmed Yousif Sarhan, 26, and Jassim Ahmed Abdullah, 39 – who are now “fugitives in Iran,” according to BNA.

Both militants have been accused of organizing “terror operations in Bahrain” and recruiting individuals to join Saraya al-Ashtar, the agency said.

In late 2014, they reportedly sent recruits to Iraq to receive “military, explosives and weapons training” by a militant group called “Hezbollah Brigades.”

This article originally appeared in Al Arabiya

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