Indian Aid: Qatar Airways step in

4/5/2021: Qatar Airways is supporting international efforts to tackle the second COVID-19 surge in India by shipping medical aid and equipment to the country free of charge from global suppliers.

Three Qatar Airways Cargo Boeing 777 freighters departed to India yesterday, carrying approximately 300 tons of medical supplies from around the world to support COVID-19 relief efforts. The three flights departed one after the other bound for Bengaluru, Mumbai and New Delhi as part of Qatar Airways Cargo’s WeQare initiative (see more information below).

Qatar Airways Group Chief Executive, Akbar Al Baker said: “The State of Qatar has a long and special relationship with India, and we have watched with great sorrow as COVID-19 has once again caused a significant challenge to the country. 

We knew we had to be part of the global effort to support the valiant health care workers in the country. We hope today’s shipment and further shipments in the weeks to come will help ease the burden on local medical workers and provide relief to the impacted communities.

“As one of the world air cargo leaders, with an extensive international network, we stand ready to provide humanitarian support by transporting these much-needed supplies, and help the country fight back against this appalling virus. Qatar Airways Cargo has already transported well over 20 million doses of the COVID-19 vaccine for UNICEF as part of the five-year MoU to support UNICEF’s Humanitarian Airfreight Initiative.”

Ambassador of India to Qatar,  Dr. Deepak Mittal, noted: “We deeply appreciate the gesture of Qatar Airways to carry free of charge essential medical supplies to India and supporting the fight against COVID-19.”

The cargo shipment included PPE equipment, oxygen canisters and other essential medical items, and consists of donations by individuals and companies around the world in addition to existing cargo orders.


WeQare – Qatar Airways’ sustainability project

WeQare consists of a series of positive and impactful actions in the form of chapters.These actions are based on the core pillars of sustainability – environment, society, economy and culture. They are being implemented at all levels of the cargo carrier’s business which is a real turning point for air freight and will make the cargo carrier’s operations more sustainable, going forward.

“We are deeply concerned about the legacy we leave for the future generation. As a leading cargo carrier, we want to make corporate social responsibility (CSR) a key strategic element of our business and want our positive actions to have a ripple effect. WeQare is a project close to the heart of every Qatar Airways Cargo employee,” said Guillaume Halleux, Chief Officer Cargo at Qatar Airways.

“In July 2020, Qatar Airways Cargo launched Chapter 1 in its series of WeQare actions by providing the free transport of 1 million kilos of humanitarian aid and medical equipment to charitable organisations.

Chapter Two was launched in February 2021 under the banner “Rewild the Planet”.
Rewild is a word used throughout conservation efforts; it refers to ecological restoration. Animals have an important role to play in preserving the ecological balance, which ensures the stability of the environment. Through our second chapter, we are offering free transport to rescued wild animals, to bring them back to their natural habitat.

As an inaugural signatory to the Buckingham Palace Declaration in March 2016, and a founding member of the United for Wildlife Transport Taskforce, Qatar Airways has a zero tolerance policy towards the illegal trade of endangered wildlife, and our initiative of bringing wildlife back to their natural habitat is consistent with the airline’s commitment to fighting wildlife trafficking and the illegal trade of wild animals.This is a cause very close to our heart.”

The cargo carrier’s employees are the driving force behind WeQare, a project that encourages cohesion and also provides a sense of fulfilment. The programme is directly linked to everyday activities of the cargo carrier, its daily experience within the industry and its way of rethinking the business model, with sustainability as the main focus.