Madonna: they showed her the money

Madonna appeared at the Eurovision song contest in Tel Aviv despite a plethora of requests to turn down the gig in support of Palestinians. She considers herself a keen supporter of human rights but the daily suffering  and human rights abuses against Palestinians living in the illegally occupied Palestinian areas of the West Bank and Gaza, under the repressive, apartheid regime of Prime Minister Netanyahu, don’t seem to matter for much, writes Pat Lancaster.  In a statement , Madonna responded to the many heartfelt calls to boycott the event by saying: “I’ll never stop playing music to suit someone’s political agenda, nor will I stop speaking out against violations of human rights wherever in the world they may be.” What Madonna failed to identify before the event was which worthy sentiment took precedence. Now, we know. Seemingly, she haggled over the cash/contract until just hours before she was due on stage.

According to media reports Madonna, has been a follower of Kabbalah, an esoteric school of thought in Judaism, for many years. She is believed to have adopted the Jewish name “Esther” more than a decade ago. She has performed before Israeli audiences numerous times and, reportedly owns a multi-million dollar home in Tel Aviv. Madonna has been known to describe herself as an Israelite, although not as being Jewish. And, of course, there was the multi-million dollar pay check to consider. Madonna not at Eurovision? As if! She was damn glad of the publicity.

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