New Jerusalem mosque


At a time when some Arab states are being criticised for not offering their support to the Palestinians of the Occupied Territories living under an increasingly harsh Israeli regime, which restricts their movement and infringes their human rights, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas has taken the trouble to single out one Gulf state for particular praise.

Speaking at the opening of the new Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed mosque funded and built by the UAE in the Izzariya area of Jerusalem, President Abbas noted that Emerati support, which through a special development programme has been responsible for providing hospitals, mosques and schools in the Israeli occupied Palestinian Territories, has been consistent and is considered by the Palestinian people as part of the legacy of benevolence left by the late Sheikh Zayed. The new 6,000 square metre mosque, which is the second largest in Jerusalem after Al Aqsa is regarded as something of a beacon of hope in these troubled times when the safety and sanctity of Al Aqsa is under threat from repeated attacks by Israeli extremists. As a result, tensions between Israelis and Palestinians in Jerusalem are at their most explosive in a decade, raising the threat of protracted violence, which could also ignite unrest in the West Bank.


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