QATAR proves a friend in need to Gaza

 The cease-fire between Israel and Hamas announced August 31 will allow more products and construction into the territory, according to Emadi. The payoff for Israel will be an end to  Hamas ending its firing of rockets and incendiary balloons from Gaza into Israel.

“The recent truce between Hamas and Israel includes opening a number of passages, allowing consumer goods to enter the strip, resuming talks between Israeli chamber of trade and Palestinian businessmen, and giving the green light for the construction of the American field hospital,” Emadi said.Tensions escalated in August when Hamas launched burning balloons into Israeli territory in an effort to ease the Israeli blockade. Israel responded by striking Hamas targets.

Israel and Hamas have clashed on and off for years. A Hamas official told Al-Monitor that Qatar, Egypt and the UN worked on the truce and that the COVID-19 situation in Gaza compelled Hamas to seek an end to hostilities.

Emadi implied that Qatar’s assistance, unlike “some other actors,” comes without agendas. “Qatar managed to establish itself as an impartial and a trusted partner over the years,” he said. “Unlike some other actors it has always kept its promises to all parties and it comes with no personal agendas.”

“The State of Qatar firmly believes in dialogue and diplomacy and while our mediation efforts continue to reach a mid-way,” he said. “We remain committed to the rights of the brotherly Palestinian people who have been living under occupation for decades.”

This article was originally published by Al Monitor


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