As the conflict in Syria grinds on with no hope of resolution anytime soon, the opposition needs to face a hard truth: that it is not enough to rely on the regime’s brutality to garner support among Syrians. The battle for hearts and minds – as important as the military conflict, and more so in the future – must be actively fought by those who seek Bashar Assad’s ouster.

However, as time goes by and the suffering intensifies, a growing number of anti-regime Syrians are losing faith in the ability, and even the willingness, of elements of the opposition (armed and political) to live up to the legitimate aims and aspirations of the revolution: the replacement of dictatorship with a secure, inclusive and free democracy.

None of them are considering switching sides, but their support is not unconditional. In this months edition of the magazine Sharif Hikmat Nashashibi reports on the latest from this civil war-torn land.

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