Alexandria Adieu by Adel Darwish

Alexandria Adieu
A Personal History: 1939-1960
By Adel Darwish

A twin narrative: one of the most insightful journalists of our time tells the enchanting story of this hauntingly beautiful city.

Adel Darwish has been a distinguished figure in the Press Gallery at the House of Commons through some of the most tumultuous political upheavals of the modern age. His reporting and analysis have informed literally millions, both across the Middle East region and internationally, and he is a regular figure across satellite news channels the world over.

Adel Darwish, has been known to describe himself as “a Fleet Street hack” and while it is true that he fine honed his trade in journalism in Fleet Street, he is anything but a “hack”. There are few around with his depth and breadth of knowledge of the Middle East region, and even fewer with the capacity to recall, in detail, how a particular event, perhaps going back several decades, played out at the time, both in government and on the street. Darwish is a man of the people with multiple friends in high places, not that he has ever been much of a fan of following the Party Line. He is also the author of a number of books that will be well known to many of our readers and his latest work will very likely be added to several thousand bookshelves across the world in the coming weeks.  In Alexandria Adieu, he shares an eyewitness account of life in the uniquely cosmopolitan and ancient city, he called home between the Second World War and 1960. Over the course of this period, he witnessed the exodus of over 100,000 Alexandrians dispersed worldwide and the sad demise of many of the city’s great institutions and traditions. This book tells that story and captures the lost charm, drawing not only on his own personal experiences in the city, but also on the rich historical background and the deep literary heritage. The compelling story telling alongside the historical facts catch the Zeitgeist of this  fascinating city in a most evocative way, bringing to life the Alexandria of days gone by. Darwish generously gifts us a brief moment of time in a unique and ancient city, incomparable to any other. If you have spent time in Alexandria, you will adore this book and if you have not, be warned, it is going to be fairly high on your bucket list from the moment you open the cover.

The book is published by Nomad publishing, ISBN  ISBN: 978-1-914325-00-7. Price: £25.00, launched in London 17 May 2022.