Ma’loula Blue by June Bartlett

Ma’loula Blue is the work of the celebrated contemporary orientalist painter June Bartlett

The painting Ma’loula Blue is the work of the celebrated British born contemporary orientalist painter June Bartlett.

Although Bartlett has travelled extensively in the Middle East, recording her experiences on canvas, she is also widely acclaimed for her portraits and European landscapes.

Ma’loula, in Syria, is one of only three small towns where Aramaic, believed to have been very similar to the language of Jesus Christ, is still spoken.

The town had a population of 2,762 in the 2004 census, regularly increasing by as many as 10,000 in the summer months, as people flocked into the area from Damascus for annual holidays. holidays.

Religiously, the population consists of both Muslims and Christians. 

More work by the artist can be found on her

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