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I am delighted to introduce The Middle East magazine’s new online site The Middle East Online . . .          

Pat  Lancaster

There is no doubt that publishing is changing and with the new technology available we felt it would be remiss not to take advantage of what has become available to us in recent years. This site is not intended to replace the printed edition of The Middle East magazine but to augment it. We hope to be able to bring you a précised version of articles that appear in our monthly print edition, with the addition of other stories, written exclusively for the website, some of which will be by our own talented team of writers and analysts, others gleaned from a variety of sources around the Middle East region and the rest of the world.

Of course, there is no shortage of excellent information on the Middle East region already available on the internet but with The Middle East magazine’s unique blend of current affairs, business and finance, as well as heritage, history, society, arts and culture, we hope to be able to deliver something extra special.

For the editorial team, the most exciting prospect is being able to receive your feedback on the articles we will be posting daily. So please make us a regular port of call and tell us what you think.

Alongside The Middle East magazine, that has brought you news, views, information and informed analysis for more than 40 years, we now hope to develop an online arena for dialogue and debate for all of us to enjoy and hopefully, be enlightened by. We very much look forward to your continued support and your participation in this exciting new venture.


Pat Lancaster


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