Abdulnasser Gharem is one of the most talked about artists in the Gulf; he has successfully combined his artistic life with his army career. Initially, there were no galleries for Col Gharem to show his work in Saudi Arabia, so he took his ideas straight to the street and became a living installation. “Performance is a very effective and strong medium because you just go to the main street and you find the real audience,” he says. In his first live performance piece, Flora and Fauna, he wrapped himself and a tree in plastic sheeting to highlight how imported trees were damaging indigenous ones. He also favours images that he feels define his culture such as the rubber stamp. He makes huge ones as a commentary on the bureaucracy that controls every aspect of life: “When you are born you get a stamp, when you get married, even if you need a vacation you need someone to stamp a paper for you… these stamps are delaying our dreams, delaying our goals, wasting our life.”