Algerian cinema stars at Abu Dhabi Film Festival

ADFF (11-20 October) hosted a special programme in celebration of the 50th anniversary of post- independence Algerian cinema. The Algerian selection, put together in association with the Algerian Agency for Cultural Outreach, includes two landmark films which put Algerian cinematography on the international stage: Gillo Pontecorvo’s The battle of Algiers (Italy 1966) and Costa Gavras’ Z (Algeria, France, Greece 1969), both of which won Academy Awards and had a strong influence on raising awareness of socially provocative films from around the globe. Also included were rare screening of films which inspired national Algerian cinema, including: Chronicle of the year of embers (Algeria 1975) by Mohammed Lakhdar Hamina, winner of the Palme d’Or at Cannes; Opium and the baton by Ahmed Rachedi (Algeria 1969); the delightful comedy Inspector Tahar’s Holiday (Algeria 1972) by Moussa Haddad and Bab El-Qued City (Algeria, France 1994) by Merzak Allouache.