“Occupation Diaries”

By Raja Shehadeh Published by Profile books

ISBN 9781781250167 Paperback £12.99

Raja Shehadeh’s new book looks at life in Palestine 2012 – what it is really like – on a day to day basis.

It is often the smallest details of daily life that tell us the most. And so it is under occupation in Palestine. What most of us take for granted has to be carefully thought out and planned for: When will the post be allowed to get through? Will there be enough water for the bath tonight? How should I get rid of the rubbish collecting outside? How much time must I allow for the journey to visit my cousin, going through checkpoints? And the book addresses the big questions too: Is working with left-wing Israelis collaborating or not? What effect will the Arab Spring have on the future of Palestine? What can anyone do to bring about change? “Occupation Diaries” provides a thought provoking look at the current Palestinian situation, but while it can and does provoke the questions, the answers continue to remain unknown.