Reader’s Letters

The view of Tehran…

In the September issue of The MiddleEast magazine, your writer Behrooz Behbudi talks about the reasons why military action against Iran would be an inappropriate response to the Islamic Republic’s continuing attempts to develop nuclear weapons. However, the writer indicated, we should all work to help the Iranian people achieve democracy by toppling the ruling regime.

In my opinion, if the Iranians want a change of government it is up to them to achieve it, the West should steer well clear, or run the very real risk of being caught in the crossfire.

Western governments have in recent years tried – and failed – to help the people of Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan and had their fingers seriously burned in the process. Surely, the latest debacle in Benghazi, which saw the loss of life of, among others, the American ambassador Chris Stevens, should be a warning that we should stay It should not be up to the West to oust Middle Eastern despots out of the internal affairs of these countries. I deplore the situation of ordinary people living under oppression, the torture and the human rights abuses meted out to citizens of these troubled lands are an abomination to all right minded people wherever in the world they come from. But change must come from within, it is not up to western governments to save the souls of those living under tyrants such as Saddam Hussein and Colonel Gadaffi.

Our, so called, help is not wanted as we have repeatedly seen. And if we continue to interfere where we are not wanted, we can be appalled but should not be surprised, if we are called upon to pay the price.

From Stuart King, London