THE ARABS ARE ALIVE by Critical Muslim

Published by hurst publishers

IsbN 9781849041904 Price £14.99 paperback

Critical Muslim presents Muslim perspectives on the great debates of our times. It reverses the lens through which contemporary issues in the Arab and Muslim worlds are often discussed. Giving voice to emerging and established Muslim intellectuals alike, Critical Muslim showcases the plurality and diversity of this thriving area of reporting, creative writing, poetry, and scholarship. In this volume, Ziauddin Sardar considers the significance of the Arab Spring; Robin Yassin-Kassab reports from Cairo’s Tahrir Square; Ashur Shamis places the reader in the shoes of a Libyan dissident. Anne Alexander tunes in to the digital face of the Arab Revolution; Fadia Faqir talks to the female contingent in the Arab Spring; Shadia Safwan asks how much longer Assad can hold on to power; Jamal Mahjoub contemplates the future of newly independent South Sudan and Jasmin Ramsey records first-hand accounts from activists in Tehran.