The Stones Cry Out is a new documentary-style movie and the first directed by Yasmine Perni. Although Italian by birth, Perni has spent most of her life in the Middle East.

The 56-minute-long film was shown in nine venues across the UK, following a tour of the United States, Sweden and Norway.

Following the film, the director discussed its content with members of the audience, explaining how it came about as a project and her motivation in bringing the film to a global audience. Perni believes these discussions are an important part of a wider dialogue about the question of Palestinian Christians.

The Stones Cry Out, which was six years in the making, came out of unhappiness, anger and disappointment at what she describes as “an untold story”. Realising just how little is known in the West about Palestinian Christians living in the Occupied Territories, she set out to document their plight.

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