Book review – Golda slept here

By Suad Amiry
Published by Bloomsbury Qatar foundation
ISBN 9789927101465
Price £15.99 paperback

Slide1Politics enter the lives of every family in Palestine. In Golda slept here, Suad Amiry traces the lives of individual members of some Palestinian families and, through them, the histories of both Palestine and the emigré Palestinian community in other countries of the Middle East. Amiry mixes nostalgia with anger while mocking Israeli doublespeak that seeks to wipe out any trace of a Palestinian past in West Jerusalem. She juxtaposes serial bombardments and personal tragedies; evokes the sights and smells of Palestinian architecture and food; and weaves for us the tapestry that is the Palestinian reality, caught between official histories and private memories. Through poetry and prose, monologue and dialogue, we glimpse the lost Palestinian landscape, obscured by the silent battle between remembering and forgetting.

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