Book review : The Literature of the Lebanese Diaspora

the lebanese diasporaThe Literature of the Lebanese Diaspora
by Jumana Bayeh
published by I B Tauris
ISBN 9781780769981
price £62.00 hardback

The Lebanese civil war, which spanned the years of 1975 to 1990, caused the migration of hundreds of thousands of Lebanese citizens, many of whom are still writing of their experiences. In this book Jumana Bayeh presents his own study of the literature of the Lebanese diaspora.

Focusing on novels and writings produced in the aftermath of Lebanon’s  protracted civil war, Bayeh explores the complex relationships between place, displacement and belonging, and illuminates the ways in which these writings have shaped a global Lebanese identity. Combining history with sociology, Bayeh examines how the literature that was born out of this expatriate community reflects a Lebanese diasporic imaginary that is super-sensitive to the entangled associations of place and identity. Paving the way for new approaches to understanding diasporic literature and identity, this book will prove a vital resource for researchers of migration studies and Middle Eastern literature, as well as those interested in the cultures, history and politics of the Middle East.


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