Guest Columnist-Khalid Kishtainy

For years, the Iraqis have poked fun at the Kurds and Kurdish naivety, but now they find the boot is on the other foot, as two Kurds are ruling the country, Jalal Talabani as President of Iraq and Massoud Barzani as President of Kurdistan. A good result!

Very few people outside Iraq have heard of the humorous side of President Talabani, who is unquestionably the only head of state in the Middle East, perhaps in the whole world at the present time, who loves humour and readily cracks witty jokes in any situation. Humour is a good expression of maturity, intelligence and self-confidence.

As it turned out, the Kurds are not lacking in any of these attributes, with Mam Jalal the best embodiment of such qualities. With their meteoric and long-awaited success, they no longer feel oversensitive about jokes and jibes.

This month The MiddleEast Magazine is privileged to run a column especially written for us by celebrated journalist Khalid Kishtainy. He is the author of many books, including “Arab Political Humour”, “Grandmother’s Tales” and “Tomorrow Is Another Day: A Tale Of Saddam’s Iraq”

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