Kurdish militants threaten Turkish dam sites

Screen-shot-2011-02-03-at-11.40.17-AMKurdish militants have threatened to  attack Turkey’s dam construction sites in the mainly Kurdish southeast, in a recent statement.  The threat is another blow to a fragile peace process meant to end a three-decade insurgency. The Union of Kurdistan Communities (KCK), the Kurdish militants’ umbrella political group,  issued a statement saying that Turkey’s construction of military outposts, dams and roads for military purposes had violated the ceasefire. “The Turkish state took advantage of the ceasefire conditions not for a democratic political resolution but to gain an advantageous position in preparation of war by building dozens of guard posts, roads for military purposes and dams in order for a cultural genocide,” the statement said. The Kurdistan Workers Party (PKK) launched a separatist armed struggle in 1984 before moderating its goal to improving the rights of Turkey’s roughly 12 million Kurds.

This article, with reports from Reuters news agency, appeared in the Saudi Gazette

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