For sure the future of the countries that toppled their despotic leaders peacefully, especially in Tunisia and Egypt, looks bright. However, a close look at the news headlines coming from both countries over the last couple of months is not immediately reassuring. The pace of riots coupled with the growing number of jobless people can not be neglected. Unquestionably there is a crisis. In Tunisia, for instance, people from all walks of life are eager to reap the fruits of their revolution and to clean off the dust left by Ben Ali’s regime but progress is slow.

We all agree that Ben Ali’s regime left Tunisia utterly wounded. Now, we are all called upon to help heal our dear country and put her back on track. Tunisians from all walks of life could truly contribute to lifting the hurdles that lay ahead of our long route towards progress. Since corruption is curable, all other such man-made diseases could be fought successfully.

Tunisians and Egyptians alike should feel confident they can now dream of a better future regardless of who is ruling. We should activate our potential and believe firmly in the words of the philosopher Russell H. Conwell’s that ”There are acres of diamonds in every person’s backyard just waiting to be dug out”.

For this we must witness a new revolution at the level of our minds. By this I mean that superior intelligence, discipline and ingenuity should be our arsenal as we go forward to foster a new path of change and development, which in turn will let our institutions evolve. The awaited spring comes only after the long nights of winter.

Imed Lassoued, Tunisia.

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