Women’s car club launched in Saudi Arabia

The first women’s car club has been created in Saudi Arabia – a year since the driving ban was lifted.

Since the ban on women driving was lifted in June last year, almost 50,000 driver licences have been issued for women.

At the heart of the Volkswagon Women’s Car Club is Ammal Farhat, who was one of the first Careem captains in the Kingdom.

“We were given the opportunity to drive a year ago and what a difference that year has made for thousands of women across Saudi Arabia,” she said. “Now that we can get behind the wheel, we feel more empowered and have a greater sense of independence and control over our own lives.”

The club aims to build friendships, break boundaries and offer new possibilities by bringing women together.

“Waking up in the morning, getting into the car and being able to go where we need to has been life changing. We aim to continue growing the women’s car club and host events that will bring more of us together to share our unique experiences and to have fun. It’s an exciting time for everyone involved,” she added.

As new women get involved, the club plans to host frequent occasions, bringing families together and engaging with women across the region and even internationally.

Deesch Papke, managing director, Audi Volkswagen Middle East, said: “Having the opportunity to meet up with likeminded women to talk about their passion for driving, and simply their daily lives has meant that real, genuine friendships have been forged. The Volkswagen brand is all about bringing people together and car clubs like these truly are our heart beat. This particularly special club is yet another milestone in the history of women driving in Saudi Arabia, further cementing their road to empowerment.”

This edited article first appeared in Arabian Business.