Saudi songbird rocks the airwaves

Corona virus lockdown did not discourage 27 year old singer/songwriter Hanan Kamal from posting a music video of her singing a cover of Youth, originally released by the band Daughter, while accompanying herself on the guitar, on Instagram, to the delight of her several thousand followers.

Jeddah-born Kamal, who released her own composition “Don’t Tear Me Down”, featuring the musician Hasanain Sheikh on Amazon Music in 2019, is going from strength to strength as her musical career gains traction.  Despite her attractive, soft facial features, this edgy singer has cultivated a sharp ‘rock’  image, balancing multi-faceted artistic expression and femininity.  She celebrates female empowerment with her chosen art name, Pink In, which has generated a niche following both on social media and offline.

Kamal’s music career blossomed in 2017 as she became part of the emerging Saudi music community in Jeddah. This led to Kamal becoming one of the first Saudi singers to perform publicly after the opening up of the Saudi music and entertainment scene in 2019,  when she made a name for herself by contributing to various high profile events.
In addition to her successfully emerging music career Kamal is also a gifted  graffiti artist and became

one of the first recognised Saudi female muralists to have her  work recognised as one of a team of  creators of the longest graffiti wall of art ever to be entered in the book of Guinness World Records in 2014.

“I love art in all its forms. If you are a dreamer and a creator, I believe you can express yourself infinitely in more than one genre. I can be referred to as multi-talented, I have a drive for both music and the visual arts,” she explained.

Encouraged by her family to express herself through are from early childhood,  Kamal found that drawing on paper became limiting; she wanted her art to be bolder, brighter and louder. She therefore turned to a bolder canvas when she began to create art on walls. This passion manifested itself in her first professional graffiti work in 2007 and her eventual participation  the Guinness World Records entry, alongside a group of similarly inclined artists, who worked on the same project in Dubai.


While even in the West, graffiti continues to be dominated by males, this female artist continues to challenge this concept with her work, inspired by the achievements  of other female graffiti artists, including  Faith 47 or MadC who create art on walls. Her graffiti work can be seen in various locations in the port city of Jeddah including Red Sea Mall and Obhur (Red Sea coast line).
About Hanan Kamal
 Saudi born Hanan Kamal received her formal education at King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah gaining a degree in Administrative Science. She is a multi-talented artist, musician, singer and song writer who has participated in many events and performances including at the King Abdullah Economic City, and released her new song “Don’t Tear Me Apart” on Amazon Music. Kamal was also featured in a Lux’s Under the Spotlight campaign. She conducts regular workshops for students interested in graffiti.
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