Morocco’s green hydrogen project leads the way

Morocco expects its first industrial scale green hydrogen project to start operations by 2025, a top government official has said.  The country has set a target of 52% of installed capacity from renewables by 2030

Tarik Hamane, (left), Head of Development Department at the Moroccan Agency for Sustainable Energy (MASEN), indicated that the project would be developed in cooperation with Germany.

In June 2020, reports confirmed that Morocco and Germany had signed an agreement to develop a 100-megawatt renewable energy plant for producing ‘green hydrogen’ in the North African country.

With almost 4 gigawatts (GW) of wind and solar projects under operation, renewable energy accounts for 37% of Morocco’s installed power generation capacity. The country has set a target of 52% of installed capacity from renewables by 2030.

“We currently have the same capacity of 4 GW of renewables – solar and wind – under construction or in the final stages of development, which would allow us to reach our 2030 target even earlier, probably within the next three years. This which will allow us to go further in terms of execution,” he added.

Hamane  confirmed that Morocco is committed to being an important player in green hydrogen, given the country’s renewable energy potential and the knowledge accumulated over 11 years of development.

“When you can produce green energy at the lowest cost, you can be competitive in this market. Almost 70% of the cost of green hydrogen comes from green energy,” he said.

Hamane explained that to reduce the cost of green hydrogen, it is important to manage its main components, namely energy and infrastructure.

“The combination of wind and solar production allows us, while addressing high capacity factor, to support the utilisation of infrastructure, and contribute to the reduction of the costs.“The other side is the electrolyser and we believe that due to the large interest and capacity of scale in the future, this will also decrease [in costs] and support the competitiveness of green hydrogen.”The private sector, which played a central role in the development of Morocco’s renewable energy sector, is expected to do the same for green hydrogen starting with a green hydrogen cluster.

“We are in discussions to cover the full value chain of this new product and already  have the tools to be a real pioneer in the field,” concluded the MASEN official.