Book review: Neoliberal Turkey and its discontents

Neoliberal Turkey and its discontents
Economic Policy and the Environment under Erdogan
Edited by Firkit Adaman,Bengi Akbulut and Murat Arsel
Published by I.B.Tauris
ISBN 9781784538729
Price £52.00 hardback

The ‘neoliberal’ economic policy of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s AKP Party, which has delivered extraordinary growth in Turkish GDP over the last decade, has been one of the foundations of the party’s popular appeal. Here, a group of experts on Turkish political economy show how these policies have also had a detrimental impact on the environment, sustainability and the long-term health of the Turkish economy. Taking the two main sectors of growth during the past decade-energy and construction-as its primary focus, the book engages broadly with the political economy of inequality and sustainability in contemporary Turkey. Ultimately, the authors argue that ‘environmental conflicts’ in Turkey are not merely about the environment but intersect with contemporary politics of religion, ethnicity, gender, and class within the context of top-down, modernising economic development. Neoliberal Turkey and its Discontents marks an important contribution to debates around the economic growth of Turkey and the future of the AKP’s long-term economic plan.

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