Nearly 10,000 tourists visit Salalah in the first week of Khareef

Around 10 000 tourists have visited Salalah during the first week of the Khareef tourist season, the National Center of Statistics and Information said.

According to the latest statistics revealed by the NCSI, 9,554 tourist visited Salalah during this time period. 3,990 of them were Omanis.

According to the centre,  Salalah welcomed 861 visitors from KSA while UAE nationals accounted for 336 visitors. 346 visitors arrived from other GCC countries.

After Omanis, tourists from Asian nations were the second largest group to visit Salalah. Around 2,394 tourists from Asian countries flocked to the city.

Salalah also played host to 212 European visitors in this week.

This edited article  first appeared in Times of Oman..